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Guerrilla Gardeners

They appear at night, working in the shadows. Within a matter of hours they transform ugly patches of neglected public land into urban gardens. No permits, no licenses, no permissions. Is it illegal? Yes. But that doesn't stop this nocturnal group of succulent-loving laborers.

Their leader is Scott, who has been guerrilla gardening for more than 20 years. His backyard is a virtual nursery, with tens of thousands of succulents and cacti of all sizes, waiting to be planted in guerrilla gardens from Long Beach to Whittier. Val Zavala met up with the group for a night dig in Hollywood to find out how they work and what motivates these unauthorized horticulturalists.

Val Zavala at Scott's home nursery.

Los Angeles Guerrilla Gardening
Guerrilla Gardening

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good jobs boys keep doing this
so, i can be part of this i wish to do some thing
with my empty life .
so, please wrime back
god blesed all you ,bye

Wow... what an inspiration!. Thank you for sharing.
Please let me know if I can be of any help!

Anyone that wants to get involved we're working in a garden this Sunday morning in Hollywood. Checkout for info on upcoming events and always check out the "unofficial" forum for posting upcoming digs in the Los Angeles area.

YOu guys rock!! We need armies of people like this !!
Armed with CACTUS PEARS! Not guns!

Excellent idea and it is refreshing to see folks committed to helping keep our environment beautiful and appealing. It is great to see people who have a common goal and desire to make a difference without the city hall B.S.
Great work and best to all the team !

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