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Unger: WeHo Fur Ban

The City of West Hollywood recently decided to ban the sale and buying of fur within its city limits. Commentator Brian Unger gives us his take on the ban, and lets us know what you are still allowed to do in WeHo.

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While I hope for the day when no animal is killed for its skin, equating fur with leather is a false analogy. Fur garners more outrage because fur-bearing animals are often skinned alive after spending a torturous life on the way to that gruesome fate. Moreover, dogs and cats are now being killed for their fur. That fur, of course, is not labeled for what it is. Real fur has shown up in garments labeled as faux fur. And, ads in print media (I'm talking to you, Los Angeles magazine and L.A. Times) for real fur are missing that label altogether. Fur is not okay. That's why more and more people would rather do without.

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