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This week's segments:

Is Anybody Listening? - By Correspondent John Larson - In just 8 minutes, the students from Village Academy High in Pomona articulated the struggles of millions of Americans. They did it by making a video called, "Is Anybody Listening?" and you'll be surprised to find out who is.

Return to Locke High: Band Competition - Producer Angela Shelley - As part of Return to Locke High, we went with student soloist Bryan Ordaz to a band competition. No one expected much from Locke High at the L.A. Unified School District’s band competition. After all, they’re just a so-so school in Watts. But they have a couple of tricks up their band uniforms. They’re playing complicated Stephen Sondheim music from “Sweeney Todd.” The band director, Reginald A. Smith, is an inspirational taskmaster. And the kids are determined to prove that their school is as good as any other school anywhere.

Obama Visit - The kids from Village Academy High in Pomona get the chance to meet President Obama.

Pomona Kids Followup - After our original broadcast of "Is Anybody Listening" viewers nationwide opened their hearts and wallets and made life in Pomona a little bit nicer. We'll bring you up to date on what's happened to the kids of Village Academy High School.

The Trashout Squad - By Correspondant Lisa Ling - The dirty work of contractors hired by banks and mortgage companies to empty out foreclosed homes of whatever the former owners leave behind so the property can be readied for re-sale.

Billboard Confidential - By Correspondent Vince Gonzales - Los Angeles is the billboard capital of the nation and some are saying it is an environmental disaster - a disaster that doesn’t seem to be getting the attention of city leaders.

Marijuana Clinics: Up In Smoke - By Correspondent Judy Muller - It's been 13 years since the passage of Prop 215 and the city of Los Angeles still does not have a permanent ordinance regulating medical marijuana clinics.

The Year of Living Dangerously - By Correspondent Angie Crouch - SoCal teen Zac Sunderland is about to make history as the youngest solo circumnavigator in U.S. history.

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