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As has become the norm when disaster strikes, residents across Southern California posted images of the great fire - stills and videos - on sharing sites such as vimeo and flickr. Above, a small sampling of their work, with music by E S Posthumus.

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Please, just cover the story. There is a story here, but feel like none of the media is getting it. Why was there no media coverage for days? I packed my car on Saturday, turned on the TV and watched Little League baseball. My friends e-mailed me on Saturday, letting me know they lost their whole neighborhood. This was not reported until Monday. I literally had to walk up my driveway to get the latest news. What's happened here? Where are the journalists? Right now I'm listening about Michael Jackson's additional event, being covered quite extensively, very sad, not for him, but for us.

Does anyone know the music being played in the last 40 seconds or so of this video compilation? TIA

A stunning video. A tragic disaster for the poor people who have lost their homes and the firefighters who have lost their lives. The opening choral piece was very appropriate. What is the name of the opening music composition and composer?

The music is a track, Ebla, by E S Posthumus.

Thank you for that information, Steve.

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