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Whether it’s on TV, in print or online, there are two types of news stories: “hard news” and “features.” As someone who’s done both, what’s really rewarding is when you can combine them: tell great stories with great characters that also have a hard news urgency. That’s our goal at SoCal Connected.

In the first episode, we focus on the economy. But we’re not talking about the news of the day, the debate over the proposed bailout. Instead, we’re presenting three great stories that go to the heart of the economic crisis.

First, Lisa Ling reports on communities that have been especially hard hit by foreclosure. You’ll meet a “trash out” squad that empties out houses so they can be re-sold. And you’ll be amazed by what people leave behind. Then, Judy Muller tells the story of the disappearing middle class and one woman who’s never been without a job before. And finally, the irrepressible Patt Morrison has a commentary on just how important real estate is in Southern California - good market or bad.

Our Web Team has also been busy tackling these important issues. Online you will find an intimate web exclusive video about Watts’ resident and community leader Mama Hill, a victim of foreclosure. She recently lost her house and the thriving after school program she ran for at-risk teenagers. And in our blogs, Peter Viles from the LA Times, as well as Michael Shermer from Skeptic magazine, give us two perspectives on the foreclosure crisis.

Speaking for Val Zavala and the entire staff at SoCal Connected, we hope this is the type of program we can present each week. And in the exciting new world of multi-platform media, we hope you’ll join us on TV and online at KCET.Org/SoCal.

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Dear: Socal

I was looking at televison about the mortgage crisis on the housing foreclosure, they were showing the different companies that come in an clean out the houses to be resold for the banks. Well I own my own small buisness in clean-ups, and moving furniture and i have my own truck, and wanted know how can i get in touch with the trash out squad to help clean out the houses, even possibly the banks that get companies to clean out house. If you can i will certainly appreciate any numbers and or websites that will help me get involved that buisness Thank you

Luther Johns
LJJ Moving and Hauling Service

Today is 9-28-08. I just watched a program that detailed the forclosure problems along HWY. 15. Very sad for all those folks who purchased houses during the last 5 year. However they made some stupid mistakes. They purchased houses bigger than they needed, filled with more stuff than they needed. It is wonderful to have things. But when I started my family and we purchased our first home in 1975 we sacrificed to be sure we could make the payments. So did my three brother. We now own our houses outright and are not hurt by the economy. We made sure to add extra cash to each payment in the early years when $6 of a $575 went to principle. That payment was 68% of my take home pay. We made sure to live on the rest. We had 1 car, 1 TV, no cell phone and a cheapo computer. We went out to dinner at McDonalds. We had one pair of shoes for school and church. We shopped in thrift stores and shared with our neighbors as our kids grew.
I believe the 5 to 8% of home owners who are having trouble making their payments made bad choices to sign up for no money down, interest only, adjustable rate mortgages. Common sense still exists but it is harder to find.
Thanks for looking at our world in so many interesting ways. The more we know the better off we all will be.

My name is Errol i am the president of Debris Gone Services inc. We are a black owned minority certified corporation. We specialize in forclosure trash outs and remodels, we fix the damages and correct all of the unpermitted structures to make sure the properties are in shape to sell. I have struggles for years building my business. We would like a link or some info to a couple of companies or banks that need our services. in most instances we provide before and after photo's and take pride in what we do. email above and my personal cell number is 714 931-0288. Mr. Errol Diaz. B contrators, we do hauling, and more and would like to hire and promote jobs in the inland empire. If you can call me and help me that would be great. 1-951-479-8964 Office. Email me personally at

I live in the Seattle area and am interested in starting a "trashout" business. Did you get any responses to your posting? Do you have any suggestions of how to contact banks to make the services known?
Larry Mandel

We are getting some information. If we find personal things during the cleanout process i try to have my office contact the people and or mail it to them. Emial me and i'll keep you updated or contact and my sales team and or staff members will review your request and send you a quick honest response. Thanks.

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