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Catherine Mulholland: A Look Back

Catherine Mulholland passed away on July 6 at her home in Camarillo. She was the granddaughter of the legendary William Mulholland, the man who brought Los Angeles out of the desert and founded the water system which became the LA DWP.

Catherine Mulholland wrote a widely praised biography of her grandfather, William Mulholland and the Rise of Los Angeles, that refuted many of the myths that had grown up around his legacy. She spoke with Life & Times in 2001 about the real man behind the legend.

SoCal Rewind is an on-going series bringing you past reports on the issues of today. By drawing on KCET's extensive archive of Southern California news, culture and public affairs, we'll seek to inform current events by providing a little historical perspective, and maybe answer the question: Is there anything new under the SoCal sun?

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