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Walmart Rewind

Walmart is the largest retailer in the world and it wants to get even bigger. Part of its expansion plan involves California—but it faces tough opposition opening new stores, especially in Los Angeles County.

As Judy Muller reports this week, the mega-chain used a new tactic to gain a foothold in Burbank.

But while the strategy may have evolved, the issues surrounding Walmart's incursion into Southern California have been around for awhile.

Here's a sampling of coverage from KCET's Life & Times dating back to 2004.

SoCal Rewind is an on-going series bringing you past reports on the issues of today. By drawing on KCET's extensive archive of Southern California news, culture and public affairs, we'll seek to inform current events by providing a little historical perspective, and maybe answer the question: Is there anything new under the SoCal sun?

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