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Does Rail Have A Future?

SoCal Connected producer Saul Gonzalez's story "Track to the Future?" looked at the promises and perils of California's proposed high-speed rail. Now host Val Zavala expands that conversation by taking it to the public square.

Join Val live and in person on Tuesday, May 4 at 7:30 p.m., as she moderates a panel discussion addressing the future of high-speed rail in California. She will be joined by a number of experts, including LA County Metropolitan Transit Authority Board Member Richard Katz, Gloria Ohland of Reconnecting America, and Adrian Moore of the Reason Foundation.

The forum will be presented by the non-profit organization Zócalo Public Square and KCET's SoCal Connected, and has been undertaken as part of PBS's Blueprint America, a yearlong multi-platform initiative examining infrastructure issues throughout America and the world.

You can get more details and register for the event here.

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Media should not emphasize long-distance travel when they talk about high speed rail (HSR). People are not interested in traveling from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 2.5 hours. We can travel the distance in 40 minutes by plane. People are interested in enlarging commutable radius. With HSR, people working in Los Angeles may choose to live in Irvine, Palmdale, or Ontario. HSR should be developed mainly for commuters. Enhancing commutable zones and reducing commuting time are where the real impact of HSR is. The impact will be tremendous. HSR will save billion of dollars per year by reducing commuting costs of the people of Los Angeles Metropolitan Area and will bring about significant changes in housing markets of the area.

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