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Big Man At the DWP

Brian D'Arcy is the business manager for IBEW Local 18. That's the union that represents most workers at the city-owned Dept of Water and Power. Brian D'Arcy is also considered one of the most politically powerful labor leaders in the city, and his union's workers are among the best paid. In fact, last year they negotiated a new contract that calls for some $300 million in raises over the next five years.

Meanwhile other city workers, if they haven't been laid off, are being asked to take pay cuts and furlough days.

In an interview for our story, The Price of Power, I pressed D'Arcy on why his workers get paid more than other city workers. He pointed out that the DWP is a moneymaker for the city. Plus, he says the DWP has to pay salaries competitive with other utility companies. He also says, as you'll see here, that the jobs at DWP are different.

You might also be interested to find out what one City Council member has to say about the DWP. Take a look at an excerpt from my interview with Bill Rosendahl.

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An arrogant, snobbish, imbecile.
Hired 200 engineers on whose money you idiot?

1)For the immediate future, could the proposed DWP increase be offset by a)restructuring employees' pension plans, b)freezing or lowering salaries, and/or c)reduction in DWP staff?
2)Could the same criterion hold true for the LA City Council, staff, and employees?
3)What are the actual current and projected operating costs of the DWP and the LA City Council and how can these costs be reduced and verified?

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