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Great News! It's TaxTime!

Is there really a place where tax time makes people happy?  Yes there is. Take a look.

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I think this was great, and I was happy for the people, an there needs to be more feel good stories!

I love Tax time i always get some money back and i am able to pay some bills that i get behidn at end of the year and sometimes extra money to play with.

Great story! I think this helps so many people who don't realize they can actually get more money back form the government. Well done and well produced!

During this time of economy It feels good to hear that there are people who can help others esp. the low income.

how can i get that credit?

Hi James --
The organization that is offering the free tax help and who can explain the details of the Earned Income Tax Credit, is the Community Finance Resource Center (just south of USC).
Their number is 323-233-1900. Also on the web at

Also the IRS has a page that tell you more about it. Here's the link:,,id=96406,00.htmly are eligible.

Hope that is helpful.


It's great to see some taxpayers happy about filing taxes. Especially in today's economy. Well done and well produced!!


It actually felt really good to be able to help those people that needed our help and I am proud to say that I actually helped this woman that was running out of unemployment benefits and had recently delivered a baby (in January). She actually got close to $10,000.00 return for the years 2007 and 2008. This of course, thanks to Andi Krueger and Jane Ryder (Tax Experts) that helped me help the customer by filling out her 2007 income tax returns and also providing support while I was helping her.

The TurboTax team really helped a lot of people in need this year which reflects on Intuit commitment of really delivering on the promise of "We Care, We Give Back" to the community.

Best Regards,
Misael Davila

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