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Grunion Running Time Running Out 

Grunion run between March and September. So there’s still some time to get your grunion hunting in.

Last year I went to the very fun and funky Santa Monica beach art event called “Glow”. It was an all-night happening. Tons of fun capped off by a really lucky event - the appearance of tons of tiny silver sparkling fish doing their spawning thing in the sand. Seems that grunion wanted in on the performance art and they were a hit.

But usually grunion sightings require a more strategic approach. Here’s a tip list followed by a really great website on grunion from the Department of Fish and Game. Enjoy and good luck!

1. Grunion hunting is great for insomniacs and vampires since they run in the middle of the night.

2. They show up mainly on sandy wave-swept beaches from Point Conception down into Mexico.

3. They are most likely to appear 3 or 4 nights after the highest tide associated with each full or new moon.

4. They appear only for 1 to 3 hours a night following high tide.

5. Yes you can catch them, but with your hands only and you need a fishing license (technically). Yes, they are edible, but most people just like to watch them.

6. Cross your fingers. The grunion have an internal clock that only they can read.

For details and info on grunion go to

Have fun!

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