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My Favorite (Funny) Winemaker!

My boyfriend and I headed up the central coast to check out the Paso Robles wine area. We went to one of the smallest vineyards in the area. That's where I met my favorite winemaker. He's 81-year-old Charlie Poalillo, and he's a hoot. A former newspaper photographer turned vinter, he's now a happily-married flirt who serves up words of wisdom along with a KILLER 2004 Zinfandel.

If you ever fantasized about owning a winery, Charlie will be selling his in a couple years. Check it out on this video. And if you go there be sure to say hello from Val at KCET.

Here's his website.

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Hi, Val. Just checked out your video blog. Love this one! If I only had $2M and could drink wine all day, every day........ Great to see a glimpse of Mark, too.
xo, Maggie

To my favorite brother: Charles I really enjoyed seeing you on my very own computer. I agree with everything you said about how being active and drinking lots of wine are to blame for you looking so great at 81. Love to you and your loving wife, Joyce. I'm looking forward to seeing you in May for the Zinfandel festival.

Charlie is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. Stop by his tasting room and meet'll be glad you did! He's our Wine Guru and we owe him so much for the knowledge he shared with us when he taught us to make wine. Thanks for everything our friend.

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