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Wine Love, Stoppered

Attention wine lovers! This is how you buy wine at a grocery store in Pennsylvania. I know. Crazy, huh? We discovered this machine when I visited relatives in Pittsburgh. My boyfriend and I were captivated enough to drop $15 for a modest pinot noir, and we captured the peculiar process in this unedited four-minute video. The machine even has a built-in breathalyzer. What's more, I'm told this is "progress" over a few years ago, when you could only buy liquor at state-run stores. Hey, Pennsylvania. The 21st Century is this-a-way!

From the Editor: For more on the mixed-up state of regional alcohol laws and the turf war that determines what you see on the shelves of your liquor store and grocery mart, take a look at John Guenther's piece over at our money and politics blog, Under the Influence.

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