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Us vs Them: A Content Comparison

“Give us 22 seconds and we’ll give you -- not much”

You may have heard about the USC Norman Lear Center study of local news(pdf document.) It found that in a typical half-hour newscast only 22 seconds was devoted to serious issues like government, health care, budget problems, transportation, immigration, etc. Half was made up of ads, teases, sports and weather. Pretty pathetic.

Hey. That gave us an idea. We here at SoCal Connected took the same subject areas and looked at ourselves. Government news -- like the financial meltdown at L.A. City Hall -- comprised more than a quarter of our content. Compare that to only 6% of local commercial newscasts. Out next biggest subject area was the economy and business. Check out the whole spectrum of our content vs theirs on the graph below.

Yes, I am tooting our horn.


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I subscribe to KCET for the same reason your survey suggests: public television takes news seriously and mainstream media does not. I have felt for decades that, if there was a serious issue or discussion to consider, KCET would present it to me, with high clarity, from all angles, and with due regard to the seriousness of the subject and the mental ability of its audience to comprehend, absorb and apply it.

I just renewed but I think I'll re-renew.

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