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Val's Blog: Inside a New State-of-the-Art Hospital

Here in Hollywood/ Los Feliz we have the nation's biggest hospital. This $600 million Kaiser Medical Center  opened in March. It is completely computerized, with electronic records, state-of-the-art equipment and spacious design.

This is a one of the operating rooms. About 600 square feet. Twice as big as a normal operating room. The hospital's Executive Director, Mark Costa, is our guide.


Check this out. A high tech drug dispensory to avoid prescription mistakes.

Doctors even get some help washing their hands.

Here's one of their delivery rooms. Mom and Dad should like this.

Finally... next to the neo-natal intensive care unit is a little room that serves as a transition for parents who are nervous about taking their preemie home. They call it the "launching pad."


There's plenty more I could tell you. But suffice it to say, if you're sick this would be a pretty nice place to end up.

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