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Val's Blog: Outtakes from My Interview with the Teen Sailor

I did a webcam interview with Zac Sunderland who is sailing around the world solo, hoping to set a record as the youngest person to do that. Here are some bites that didn't make it on air.

Last week when he was in the Caribbean a 30-foot wave hit him and almost knocked him overboard. I asked him about these strange things called "rogue waves."

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Zac has been at sea for almost a year. Can you imagine being in a boat by yourself that long? I asked what he'll do when he finally arrives home. Here's what he said.

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There aren't many In 'N Out Burgers on the high seas. So what does Zac eat onboard?

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We know his story may end up on the big screen or TV. I asked Zac what actor he would like to play him in the movie. (Hollywood will probably add a chapter about his adventures on a island of lonely women.)

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Zac is due to sail into port in Los Angeles around mid-June. May the final leg of his journey be free of rogue waves.

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Safe sailing, Zac! Make that right turn and have a safe journey home!

Saw some of your outakes today. Pretty cool... However I bet you'll be hugging your Mom & siblings for a couple of days before hanging out with your pals again. We have been following since you left So. Cal. Safe & Happy rest of voyage.

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