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INTERVIEW: Behind the Redistricting Game

It happens every 10 years, just after the nationwide Census results have been completed. Political boundaries are redrawn to reflect shifting demographics or, in some cases, in a deliberate attempt to stack the odds in favor of an incumbent legislator. Often referred to as gerrymandering, the redistricting process can be a pretty dry topic. A team at the University of Southern California are trying to spice it up with a new online game.

Developed at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, The Redistricting Game was created to educate citizens about the process of redistricting, helping them understand what's at stake in our broader political system.

As part of his SoCal Connected report "Between the Lines," Vince Gonzales sat down for a talk with Chris Swain, assistant professor at USC and the man behind the game.

Play The Redistricting Game

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