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Military Wives Roundtable

L.A. Times columnist and SoCal Connected correspondent Steve Lopez reports on the lives of military families. He met with a group of Marine Corps wives at Camp Pendleton recently to talk about what it's like to hold down the family fort during overseas deployment. With the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, increasing numbers of military members face multiple deployments. The spouses talked candidly about their highs, their lows and even their love letters!

Participating (left to right): Kimberly Brigante, Michelle King, Tammy Gallagher, Meredith Kirkland and Holly Lavely.

Read the Steve Lopez column about military families in The Los Angeles Times.

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I am just asking a question. Why need to go to a war, if it destroys the life of soldiers, families and future of this country? I think there is a chain missing... are they really fighting to defend US? or....

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