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The Soloist, In A Duet

The Soloist. He inspired a popular film, based on a book written by our contributor, L.A. Times columnist Steve Lopez. And on this week's SoCal Connected, Steve updates the story of Nathaniel Ayers, a once-homeless and troubled man and a true musical genius.

Lopez brought Mr. Ayers to a recording studio for our story. While there, he performed this duet with Joanne Pearce Martin, Principal Keyboardist for the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Steve Lopez writes about the recording session in his most recent column.

Plus, the LA Times has collected all the columns Lopez has written about Nathaniel Ayers on this page. More video there, too.

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Excellent!!! You can smile now and don't get too worry. It was beautiful music.

Front page story with a video link that doesn't work. Slick work, LAT.

Hmmmm. Well, you get high marks for helping...

I just recently read the book, "The Soloist", and this small clip was so satisfying by acually seeing the real face of Mr.Ayers, and his work, then watching the movie that did not compare to Mr. Lopez's book. Mr Lopez, "The Solosit" was a great read, and it is so nice to hear an update with good news of the recording.

How interesting that I had just been practicing Mr. Ayer's piece (Prayer from Jewish Life,#1 by Ernest Bloch)right before deciding to take a break and check the preview that Steve Lopez mentioned in the L.A. Times today. Ms. Martin did a great job of coaching and accompanying at the same time.
Looking forward to hearing more.

Congratulations, Mr. Ayers. Your music is an inspiration to all of us. Many thanks to Steve Lopez, Ms Martin, and the others for making possible the sharing of your talent. I look forward to the CD.

It's wonderful to see that Mr. Ayres is playing so beautifully! Terrific talent!

A Beautiful soul/ man!

Kudos to ALL who supported Mr. Ayres dreams!
I've followed this story from Day 1 in the LAT, the book, the movie and now the CD.

I haven't played the cello since high school. I'm inspired to return to my instrument!

in my school my class and i read the book The SOloist and loved it. then we all went to go see the movie! and now i see Nathaniel play for real and i say Job Well done!!!!!! pround of you and my friends and i are supporting you the hole way!!!!!!!!! keep it up!!!!! ~Mak K.

I am very much looking forward to the CD. Love the book about Mr. Ayers, and I check the LAT for update frequently.

This is WONDERFUL! Touching, beautiful, Joanne I love you! Steve, ditto! Nathan, your beautiful soul comes out in this performance, bravo to you, from the heart. Hillary Hauser, Santa Barbara

Being able to actually see him play touches my heart.

Thank you Nathanial, the world is a better place because of you.

I am so glad that Mr Ayers has started to realize one of his dreams in doing this CD. And he is so lucky to have friends who support him to accomplish it. I look forward to buying my copy of the CD and helping out the Foundation at the same time. Gloria O'Connor, Chicago

after reading the soloist, i was so touched by Mr ayer's story and Mr steve lopez's courage in telling it. Since then, i've always wanted to actually hear him play, this clip is as close as i can get :) God bless mr ayers, hope to buy your cd soon

I have been a fan of Steve Lopez and Nathaniel Ayers since Steve's columns about Mr.Ayers first appeared in the Times. I bought and read the book, The Soloist; and I bought the DVD. I'm disappointed that the video clip here doesn't work correctly on my Mac. Also, ever since digital TV took over, I don't get KCET reception so I missed the So Cal Connected episode.

I'm Rick, the producer of the segment. If you call our office and leave your name and address I'll send you a dvd copy of the show!

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