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LA: Pot Clinic Haven

They seem to be popping up all over town - marijuana clinics.

Some are pretty low-key. You could drive by them every day and not notice. Others are more blatant about what they are selling. And in some places, like along the Venice boardwalk, barkers work the crowds, trying to steer people into storefronts, promising that "The doctor is in", and offering a no-wait prescription.

Here's a little visual taste of the cannabis clinics of the City of the Angels.

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I've been watching the segments on SoCal Connected relating to medical marijuana. Once again, I am reminded why a dollar I spend supporting PBS is wasted. While KCET has many excellent programs, rank propaganda hit pieces (wholly and utterly one-sided "expose's) are simply too common to disregard.

It used to be KCET's bigoted exclusion of humanist, scientific, or agnostic topics that rankled me.

Sometimes I think the whole world is irretrievably corrupt and degenerate. KCET does little to dispel that with its one-sided programming. So, I do my little part which is to toss your solitations in the trash, as soon as I see the logo.

Honestly, it would be nice if KCET genuinely sought to behave in the ways it claims to espouse. KCET could really be an eye-catching, edgy station with engaging programs. Oh, well, net-surfing is bound to be better.

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