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Timeline: Lunch Is On Us

Apparently, if you're one of a certain few at HACLA, there is such a thing as a free lunch. Taxpayers have been footing the bill for a fair number of staff business lunches and dinners, and in the words of City Councilman Dennis Zine, "These people eat pretty well."

Our producers documented tens of thousands of dollars charged on HACLA credit cards for meals, employee incentives and other expenses. We put it all together in one database you can browse through here — but this timeline hones in on one aspect of expenditures: the dining habits of HACLA's senior staff members at fine restaurants in Los Angeles during 2010.

Now, the complete database shows plenty of meals eaten at IHOP, California Pizza Kitchen, and Langer's Deli, but we were curious about how often the HACLA folks broke bread at the classier joints in town.

Look through the timeline above for the results. Click on the ones with an asterisk (*) to view the receipt or a link to the restaurant's menu.

One thing to be proud of — for the most part we, I mean they, were pretty good tippers.

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