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Your Take... Got Coyotes?

The economy is down, but the number of encounters between people and coyotes on Los Angeles' streets and in its backyards seems to be going up, up, up. Have you encountered any coyotes recently? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you have any photographs, we'd love it if you'd add them to our Flickr photo pool.

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I live in the East Hollywood/Los Feliz area. I used to see coyotes nearly every day, since I leave for work very early in the morning. They have been few and far between since the fire. In fact, I had only seen ONE on this side of the hill (I saw a few in Glendale) until one morning in the Fall (October or November, I can't recall) when I encountered five or six at once. I had just passed an apartment where a man was sitting inside working while his cat sat on the porch, so I ran back and told him to put the cat inside. The coyotes had started coming down the street (Rosalia off Clayton) but then the one that was apparently the leader sat down in the middle of the street and looked at me. The others followed suit. I turned around and took a different route (I was on foot). They did not follow. I had never seen that many together before. Usually they seem to hunt singly or in pairs. They are very smart. I have seen them stop and look both ways before crossing Los Feliz. I've never seen a dog do that.

We live in Woodland Hills off of Mulholland Drive and see coyotes regularly during the day. There is one who comes into our backyard often and I took a beautiful picture of him last Sunday morning. I will send it if you let me know how. We have five cats (we rescued a stray and her litter who were in our yard last summer). We like the coyotes and we love our cats so we keep the cats inside. I was happy to hear that the policy is not to kill the coyotes as many people would like to do. They have learned to live with us so we have to learn to live with them.

We live in a rural area of Riverside county called Gavilan Hills. One morning I was sitting outside and saw 11 coyotes come up out of the dry creek on our property. They were hunting. They flushed a rabbit out of hiding and one grabbed it and killed it. The rabbit was totally consumed, head and all, in less than 5 min. It was not shared with the others nor did the coyote howl to announce it's kill. It was truly a "National Geographic" moment. I know I witnessed something very rare...a pack of coyotes on the hunt. This all took place less than 75 feet from where I was sitting. After they had gone, we went over to investigate the "scene of the crime". There was a very neat pile of entrails. They were all intact and looked like they had been surgically removed. There was almost no blood. Amazing!! We see coyotes quite often and respect their right to be here. After all, we invaded their territory...not the other way around.

I have an animal rescue in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca. For those for you who don't know...about 15 minutes from Ont Airport. We are in the foothills about 3,000 ft up the hill. We love the wildlife but.....we've had 2 cats taken by the coyotes or our two local bobcats. We only let our animals out during the day. Just lost my white beautiful cat in January and I've had it!!!! I have heard that the Wolf and the Mountain Lion are natural preditors of the coyote so I was told to buy their urine and place it around the property. It is on the way and I will try it as soon as it gets here. I'll let you know how it works. P.S. I have chased them with a broom..That also seems to work. I don't want to kill anything I just want them gone.

I live on the Central Coast, SLO. I was out at 5:00 AM jogging in my neighborhood when I heard the most horrible sound. I now believe it was a coyote killing a cat (I heard snuffling sounds and a cat protesting). I have a question: as a jogger at that time of morning, am I in danger? I would appreciate an answer as the sound scared me to death. There have been at least four coyotes seen in our neighborhood ... thanks


Coyotes do not attack anything larger than them. Ignore them and you'll be fine.

A week ago, after being out for the day, I let my 30 lb. cat, Jeeves, sit outside by the patio
while I was at the computer upstairs. When I went downstairs, I noticed the door wide open
and knew that Jeeves was gone for good. An animal, probably a coyote, had chased the cat
into the house, cornered him, and carried him away. I think that a cat needs some outside
opportunities. This is difficult where I live in Kagel Canyon.

I live in Canyon Country, I have seen Cyotes actually walking down the street. We hear them howling and making noise all the time in a field about 100 yards from where we live. We have to keep our kids inside because we are afraid they may get attacked. But so far there have not been any incidents in our area of attacks.

We live in Griffith Park. In the fire of a couple of years ago many coyotes were killed and injured. The day after the fire swept past us just above the Greek Theatre, I was leaving for work when I witnessed a horrific sight. A coyote with what must have been almost 70% burns over it's body was lying on the sidewalk, twitching in agony. I immediately called Animal Control and begged then to send someone as quickly as possible to put the poor animal out of its' pain. As I was waiting for them I suddenly noticed a second coyote, nervously approaching his dying mate. Gently yipping, he licked her face and desperately tried to get her on her feet. It was one of the most heartbreaking sights I have ever seen. As Animal Control arrived to humanely destroy the dying animal, he ran off. For several days afterwards, early in the morning, I would see him standing at the end of the road, watching, waiting.


I hike in the Griffith Park trails quite frequently, LOVE IT... On one normal outing with my dog (near the Greek Theater and Golf Course) we walked right past 3 large coyotes resting in the dried grass just 10-15 feet away. I'm usually aware of our surroundings and on the lookout for wild animals/danger, but I honestly wouldn't have noticed them if they didn't get up to move away because they were afraid of us coming to close as we walked by. My dog who is usually good with looking out for danger too completely missed noticing them as well. I have to say I got somewhat nervous because nobody was around if they had decided to attack us for whatever reason. So I sped up our pace and kept an eye on them. One of them made a quick, but shy glance/eye contact with me, and then followed the other two deeper into the bushes were I lost sight of them. In this case, it seemed they were more afraid of us then I was of them. We must learn to live TOGETHER. We have to stop resulting in KILLING as a solution. We have the bigger brains, and are RESPONSIBLE for a POSITIVE outcome for US ALL.

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