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Your Take... On Fire Protection

Would YOU be willing to pay more for private fire protection? Is that fair to the people who can't afford it?

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One only needs to look at the history books to find out why we have government run fire departments. Private insurance companies responding to fires with private fire protection companies has been tried before it didn't work then why would it work now??

NO it is not a good idea to have private fire protection companies

This question is meaningless without knowing the cost. Not mentioned on the show or here. No wonder there are no comments yet!

No, I don't think having private fire companies is a good idea. It would create confusion in a major emergency. The private company is going to protect the house of a paying customer while the house next door burns and at the same time their equipment could hamper the ability of the government fire department firefighters to do the work of caring for all of the houses and neighborhoods.

How about insurance companies sending out bills showing the cost of the insurance that the customer has requested, and the cost of insurance for "guaranteed replacement" of the property? That way, the consumer could make a decision, and pay for what the consumer wants to receive.

Government has a responsibility to not allow homes to be built in fire prone areas. I recognize that a great portion of land in California is prone to fires; however, we need to realize that California is becoming drier and fighting fires is becoming more costly. In addition, fires cause tremendous air pollution and drain resources. Fires are natural, and we need to address this fact and build more housing in cities. The issue of private protection is, I feel, repulsive and invites the problem of the rich becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer. The program outlines the problems very well, so I won't comment on this issue any further. Thank you.

Personally, I thought your presentation of fire fighters was somewhat biased ... without good reason. I have been closely watching "fire fighters" (so called) for many years, and in most cases, I have little more than contempt for them. Of course they put on a little 'show' once in awhile, for publicity purposes, but generally they are a bunch of sluff-offs. Yet they get over $100,000 per year income, and one man just recently retired at the age of 50 with an annual imcome of $241,000 per year. Their union has made demands until they can now retire based on the income of their greatest income, incuding overtime ... so I sometimes wonder who the smart people are who start all those big "overtime" fires. UNIONS have desroyed America's auto companies and also the state of California. It's absolute Idocy! Firemen are some of the biggest racketeers in existence. Go back through your files of the fires and watch the fire fighters. Except for the water drops, they are invariablly just standing around watching the fire, accomplishing almost nothing. They notify people to vacate, but volunteers could do that. I am 87 years old, and I can remember that, for many decades, there was a Fire Chief, and all of the firemen were volunteers.

Three years ago, my sister in Santa Ana, fell and fractured her shoulder. She called 911 and told them she had fallen and hurt her arm. They sent 6 paramedics out. Two of them helped her and transported her to the hospital. The others just stood around. A few days later she recrived a bill from them for over $500. I didn't know about it until afterward, but she paid the bill, even though their services are supposed to be free. I have a great amount of respect for policemen, but almost none for firemen.

You asked for opinions on private fire companies. Here's another question ...Should there be private guard services or should all people and companies rely totally on the police? That's a foolish question, and so is the question about private fire companies. If a person or a company want to pay for having the services of a private fire company, they certainly should be free to do so. The fact that the unionized public fire companies resist them is another proof of their attitude that they are in it, not to safeguard the people's property, but for their own selfish benefits.

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