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Your Take... On Looking for Work

Are you looking for work? Tell us your stories... the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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Well this is my take.
I am a disabled worker, I've been hurt three times at work over the past ten years, my last injury was severe enough to put me out permanently. I have a lumbar fusion with two vertical straps, six lateral supports and six screws that hold it all together. I have a complete artificial hip that protrudes about 1/3 the way down my femur and I have disc that are bulging from the fusion point all the way up my spine. Yes I'm in a lot of pain all the time. I applied for Social Security Disability after I broke my hip, about two and a half years ago, my lawyer says it could be another year or longer before I'm granted a hearing date, Social Security says sometime in July/09 I hope, either way last month State Disability notified me that my benefits have been exhausted. So you guest guessed it, rejoin the work force whether I can do it physically or not. Watching the news and all the other people out there with similar situations really worries me, oh and heres the real kick, ever try to get a job with physical limitations you might as well have a big sign on your forehead that reads (potential workers comp don't hire) there not suppose to discriminate but try to prove that in court and besides court cost money. So thats my story.
Regards Paul

Marketing communications (advertising) and graphic design have provided me with an exciting, challenging and profitable profession for over 40 years. Then, a few years ago, everything began to rapidly and dramatically change.

A new generation of "designers" began to emerge and saturate the market. They ranged from clerks and secretaries who took a couple of online seminars to self taught twenty-somethings that acquired barely intermediate skills in a couple of graphics applications... both convincing themselves that they were now graphic designers.

Hogwash. What the hell do they know about marketing? About creative trends spanning the evolution from mechanical to digital art? About crafting a well worded and motivating piece of writing? Nothing.

To make matters worse, they seemed to be willing to work for peanuts, which was at least consistent with the skill set they offered.

The effect has been the total evisceration of a long standing and worthy profession... putting many highly qualified people out of work. Myself included.

"Good morning and welcome to Walmart."

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