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Your Take... On Marijuana Clinics

Do you think there should be a crackdown on clinics, or do you think marijuana should be legalized? Share your take with us.

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Yes, absolutely, let's legalize it. We'll reduce crime, we'll eliminate a sizable source of revenue for the drugs cartels.

Yes, I am glad that we have medical marijuana. I have never used it (legal or otherwise), but I am glad it exists. Dispensaries should not be allowed to open without an approved CUP (conditional use permit) such as used with alcohol. Speaking of alcohol, how dare they waste a report on medical marijuana dispensaries where they did not express how they caused a public nuisance when liquor stores, motels, and recycling centers cover South/South Central LA like a plague. This area had over 600 liquor stores before the riots. The area is roughly the size of Rhode Island (which has about 100 liquor stores and not all liquor stores are the same). You want to do a real story, do it on South/South Central LA and learn what is really going on and why!

We need more dispensaries and I applaud the City of L.A. for makin it affordable. Independent biz owners need more opportunities to earn a living and give back to the community without needing tons of money to start a biz. Much evil love & sin, Mofo

It's too complicated to vote.

Pot should be legalized. Prohibition doesn,t work. Pot is no worse or betterr than alchohole and should be legalized, regulated, and taxed.

Time for change. "Yes We Can".

legalize marijuana to take advantage of America's largest cash crop and to cut down the Mexican cartels.

Just make it TOTALLY legal. The only objectors to legalization are those that never tried it. Try it. It is an experience in feelings. We live in a numbed out, none feeling world. We desperately need a new generation of feeling-ful people. Marijuana stands a good chance of promoting that. The fuddy-duddies will die out. Hey, just try it. You won't die and even better it is NOT addictive. You are likely to get to know what it feels like to FEEL.

I believe marijuana should be legalized due to the fact that it would take the criminal element out of the equation and it would free up law enforcement to go after the more dangerous substances. It could also be a source of much needed revenue for the state of California. I am a medical marijuana user, however, I am concerned with the abuse of prop 215 by illegal clinics. I feel that common sense should be observed in choices of location and I also feel that it is better to keep a low profile in order to lower the stigma that unfortunately still pervades.

Sincerely, Rick Peterson

Marijuana is not a drug, to correct your commentary. It is a plant. Oranges have vit. C, broccoli has calcium, etc. It is a plant. Any substance artificially derived from it is a drug; be honest. There should be no legal imposition on not only marijuana but what I choose to do with my body!!! Why is it alcohol is "legal"? Hearst and other megabusinessmen were the reason for the gov't.'s misrepresentation of how marijuana should be regarded for the sake of their financial interests, etc. It should be freely used and grown; not taxed nor licensed. Is that a requirement with growing oranges and broccoli? Hemp was the largest agricultural crop through WWII and is the strongest plant fiber with the quickest renewable harvest.

The laws against Cannabis are not Constitutional. What a person does in the privacy of his own home is his business, and not the government's. Legislators who are responsible for denying the American people this basic right should be prosecuted.

It is High Time (pun intended) that we legalize marijuana.

Prohibition does not work. We Californians could benefit from organizing, taxing,taking the black-market factor out of the issue, etc.

It's time we use our prisons for criminals, lower violence, and let adults purchase this substance and use it within the legal limit that allows for alcohol use.

Of course illegal and non conforming businesses should not be allowed to operate. Period. enough said about that. And of course marijuana should be legalized, controlled and taxed. The benefits to society would be enormous, beginning with drastic reductions in marijuana-related crime in our towns and cities. Then there is the huge reduction in drug trafficking across our border that would occur. Our huge, expensive prison population would be reduced, when otherwise innocent pot users were released. I believe that there would be other benefits to society that we cannot even guess at now. Pot culture has permeated our society in ways large and small. What changes would we see for the better if we let the plant grow in the sunshine.

Then, of course there would be the tax revenue. Huge! Enough said about that. We need the money.

There would not be a big spike in the use of the drug. The notion that millions of Americans are waiting for it to be legalized, so they can smoke themselves to the point of ruin, is an insult to us all.

Let people grow there own.
There is no reason for the clinics if it is legalized other than to rip people off.
The clinics would simply be a way to make more lazy people rich.
No need to tax it either, other than to give the government more money to spend unwisely.

i agree with Judge James Gray completely... although marijuana is unhealthy, just like tobacco, alcohol, and many other substances, our government should not be wasting our limit tax money on a drug war against marijuana that has proven ineffective... there are other higher priorities for our taxes, like education, health care, fighting violent crime, etc... marijuana should be treated just like tobacco and alcohol... use money raised on marijuana taxation just like the tobacco taxation, to fund public education about the health problems from marijuana smoke, as a way to reduce it's usage just like we do with tobacco... also use the taxes from it to fund health care and drug treatment programs, just like tobacco and alcohol treatment programs. free up the police to focus on violent crime... free up our courts and jails to focus on violent crime... regulate marijuana, tax marijuana, and use the tax money currently wasted on fighting marijuana on more important things...

Absolutely - legalize it now! Just as we can't have a liquor store on every corner in most neighborhoods, if it were legal it would be much easier to control the number of stores in each community. I'm sure the only reason dispensaries are out of control now is because it is illegal except for medical reasons. But if there is anything we Americans excel in, it is doing things in the most stupid way imaginable! We need more education about dependency and addiction. While pot is not addictive, if one is looking for a way to numb out to the challenges in one's life, pot will meet that need. Just as people need to be educated about how they medicate themselves with too much food, or too much of just about anything, people who use pot need to be careful and aware of the dependency risks of overdoing it. Billions of taxpayer money flow into the coffers of all levels of law enforcement and the prison industrial complex (both public and private), every year, so don't look for it to be legalized anytime soon! If California weren't desperate for money this issue would not be on the table! Maybe things will just have to continue to get worse in order for a major change like legalization!

Drugs should be legalized and taxed, and recovery clinics easily available.

Most crime is caused by the fact that drugs are illegal.

There is no medical or other valid reason for cannabis to be illegal and remain unregulated and untaxed, just as is alcohol. There has never been any proof that smoking marijuana or drinking alcohol leads to so-called hard drug consumption, so why not remove it from the influence of the gangs and drug cartels - and treat its sale and use sensibly. When we say to the public - in particular plain-out lie to our youth - that cannabis is in the same danger category as crack, heroin, or meth we lose any credibility in stopping the use of these other truly dangerous substances. It is way past time to be honest about marijuana.

We MUST keep fighting for marijuana legalization! Yes to licensing and regulating; NO to restricting our access!

I do beleive that marijuana should be legalized. I feel that it is not only hypocritical but illogical that a drug like alcohol is not only legal but can be found on just about every street corner across the country in stores and bars. Alcohol is not only responsible for thousands of dreaths and heart breaking perminant and semi-perminant disabilities, and is a major contributor in domestic violence and violent crimes. Not to mention the near unimaginable financial/property loses that are accumulated. Almost, if not every prescription drug on the market has more dangerous and unhealthy side effects than marijuana. The prison system is overloaded with "criminals" that have commited crimes associated with marijuana almost equaling the number of people that are in prison for violent crimes. We need to get past the stigma against marijuana and grow up and legalize it.


Tax and regulate the heck out of it. With a wide open market the price should come down and the additional taxes should keep the prices at the current level. It is insane that a better plan wasn't formulated when prop 215 was passed, shame on the state Government. As a citizen i want to know exactly where these shops are and some governing body deciding if they are to close to schools.

One of the problems I have with this piece is the fact that they are using San Francisco as an example of a well regulated area. San Francisco County only has a population of 808,976 over 232 square miles, and Los Angeles County has a population of 10,393,185 and 4,061 square miles . With the high estimate for LA at 500 dispensaries, that is 1 dispensary to service 20,786 people and an 8 square mile area. If San Francisco has 22 dispensaries, means that 1 dispensary services 36,771 people and a 10 square mile area. The problem with most news sources are that they throw numbers around like they mean something, and are not willing to compare apples and apples. Shame on SoCal Connected. The reality is that each dispensary is servicing 10 square miles in San Francisco and each dispensary is servicing 8 square miles in Los Angeles. Yes the distribution is more dense in Los Angeles, but it not as out of control as the alarmist media would have you believe.

I'm with the governor. Legalize it! The dispensary system is working effectively to distribute quality product, and the LAPD in particular needs to change its policy on harassment of dispensaries.

By the way I'm a middle-class widow in her 50's, not a teenage stoner.

legalize it now!!!!! Americans have been growing crops to make money for ever & this is something the people want. This is nothing new let us live they way we want!!!!!!!!

When the city passed the ICO to stop additional dispensaries from opening, they took the right step. It's a shame that no one in our local government has the courage to enforce the ICO and close the 300 or so illegal dispensaries that have opened since the ICO took effect.

I’m 57 years old. I’ve been smoking marijuana since I was in my mid twenties for medicinal, reasons. I’m thankful that I can now get marijuana through my medical prescription and no longer have the concern of how where and who I’m getting it from. I’m also grateful I can grow what I need legally. As far as I’m concerned I feel marijuana should have never been illegal. I want to thank socal connected for bringing attention to this topic and I hope one day marijuana is made legal and everyone can make their own choice.

Government "screws the pooch" by making drugs illegal. In a very significant way, they make marijuana, and for that matter all drugs, more attractive to young people: They are naturally rebellious, and they are wise enough to know when they are lied to: And lied to they are about the dangers of drugs.

Drugs are not equal. Some are very harmful, some not so much, and marijuana .... well, it's about as dangerous as beer: So, don't drive while high, don't be obsessed by it, and life goes on.


Yes, absolutely. Please. Now. Yesterday. Hurry up. What were we thinking all these years?

Should be legal, no question. But there's nothing wrong with treating it like other businesses, having all play by same rules, etc.

legalize marijuana!
Legalization is approaching
100 years over due

Crackdown...definitely! Do not legalize drugs. Officials - why do you want to invite even more problems with our youngsters.

Why is it free here in Los Angeles to open up these Marijuana Clinics when in SF and other cities they charge up to $30,000. Villaraigosa, are you asleep? Oh no, I see you in front of the camera constantly. Why not do some work for a change?

I think it would make a lot of money and get us out of the economic budget crisis in California and throughout the country. I know many are against it because it would almost take out the Lumber industry but i would rather have paper made from hemp than cutting down trees which give us oxygen. There is so much you can do with Hemp! Marijuana is used to help those with major illness' and i hope it will be legalized!

The state of California should grant the City of Los Angeles permission to legally sell marijuana. Los Angeles desperately needs tax revenue and legalized marijuana could more than double the number of adult tourists visiting the city annually.
At the same time, the city should zone specific areas of the city where marijuana could be sold. It would have to be consumed on the premises and would be available to adults over the age of eighteen. It would be taxed at high rates, but not too high to reignite a black market.

Marijuana should be legal. I am a physician. I see a moderate amount of illness related to alcohol, but none due to marijuana. I do see benefit in medical marijuana users.

Medical Marijuana clinics should be subject to the same zoning laws as grocery stores, pharmacies and liquor stores.This is America, the land of liberty and free enterprise.Legalize Pot. Tax it. Let anyone grow it. Let the common people sell it. Decentralize the distribution system and localize it.Release anyone imprisoned for simple posession. Keep violent crime illegal. Keep tax evasion illegal. Alcohol is at the heart of domestic violence, liver disease, cancers, gunshot wounds, fatal accidents,and child abuse. Tobacco causes cancers, heart disease, emphysema and is the most expensive contributor to the cost of health care. Kentucky Fried Chicken, Coca-Cola and Big Macs have killed countless numbers of obese and diabetic souls. Gee, I have never seen any of those claims made about Marijuana, or ever a sudden pandemic of some exotic disease caused by pot. Your kids are taking drugs from your medicine cabinet.

marijuana needs to be legalized, everyone against it comes with "its right next to a liquor store and a preschool" well why is there a liquor store near a preschool?? to even enter in a dispensary you need a medicinal license and be registered to that location, they dont let anybody just walk right in. Alcohol is way worse for everyone, "NO!! you cant smoke weed, but you can go buy all the alcohol you want, hop in your car and kill someone drunk driving!" dont get me wrong, im not for any place illegally opening up, all illegal shops SHOULD be shut down, how are they being let to run without paying any taxes? that is just ridiculous!

i am a medicinal marijuana user, i have a back injury and marijuana is the only pain medication that helps and i am still able to be at work. i use all throughout each day to cope with pain, instead of taking vicadin(which i could not work while taking). people say well its ok if you have cancer, or aids or glaucoma, WELL. . .NEWS FLASH, Marijuana has MANY more medicinal uses, pain just being one other. every kid in america can get weed so easily if they want (and its not from going to the shops), by legalizing it, it would force the government to put certain laws and regulations on it, making it harder in the end for it to be sold on the streets, in result eliminating drug crime/traffiking, and making it harder for kids to get a hold of it.

Everyone that is against it needs to read up on the facts, and realize that it is one of the great natural herbs on this wonderful earth that was made to help and heal!

Pot should be legalized. Period.

Ask any drug dealer if they pay state and local taxes on the pot they sell and they will all say NO. In fact, most probably don't even pay rent for their place of business. I agree that marijuana should be legalized period. And most importantly, at this time, the taxes would help with the budget crunches of the city and state.

All the arguments are here in these comments. I join those who want to legalize (or at least de-criminalize) not only pot but the other recreational drugs. Think of what it would do to the vicious drug wars (including ours), and how taxing the drugs would help pull the state of Calif. out of its financial doldrums. But who in that motley assortment going by the name of the Calif. state legislature has the courage to get it started? Better to see the state go down the drain than threaten reelection.

If only to stop the drug violence it should be legalized. Not to mention the income to states from sales.

When we are releasing hardened criminals because there are too many people jailed for using Marijuana, it is time to rethink our Marijuana laws.

Our society locks up a greater percentage of its citizens than any other major society on earth. A measurable percentage of these people are there because of Marijuana use.

Marijuana use is not the same as armed robbery. Think about it.

Definately a crack down on medical marijuna businesses.

ABSOLUTELY--Judge Gray is SO RIGHT!!! The ONLY way to change the drug problem is to legalize it. How many years do we have to see that everyone gets the drugs they want one way or the other. The police catch a few which is ridiculous, when they should be catching the real criminals. Most of us don't want kids or adults to use drugs, but the ones that want to are going to no matter what and legislature can do nothing about it--human nature will find a way to do what they want. Taking the money out of drugs is the only way to deal with it.

Yes, legalize Mary-Jane...

I have been smoking marijuana since I was 21 in 1964. In all of my experiences with it and people I have known, I have never once even heard of someone being run down by someone high on pot. It is Christian fundamentalist insanity that has our drugs laws the way they are.
The War on Drugs has failed all except the powerful prison guards union. This farce has kept growing a huge amount of bloated bureaucracies.
Get the helicopters out of the skies and focus on border security.
Leave the Marijuana clinics alone. It is a quasi legal way to do something that people are going to do anyway. Repeal all drug laws. The money saved from too many officers and prison guards can be used to fight crime and teach kids about the dangers of drugs without making it a glamorous pastime to them. Prohibition of alcohol never worked in the 20's and 30's and drug laws have never worked. The drug laws wer created to keep ethnic groups targeted. Opiates were from the Chinese, Pot was from Mexico, Coke spread fear of black men having sex with white women and making them sex slaves!
Grow up, America!

I believe that marijuana should be legal'because its not worser than smoking a ciggerett' and many young teens are allready doing marijuana'behind everyones backs so what's the point of trying to stop them if they've done it probably more than once; it should probably be illegal to grow it yourself so that buisnesses'could gain money;

Seems this issue has been going on for years. Legalize it already! GET GOVERNMENT OUT OF OUR HAIR, If you have never smoked marijuana please reserve your opinion for some one that has (that's my opinion). Regarding tax, it should be under the USDA department, then again when has anyone smoked a lettuce-wrap. I hate taxes, I'm sure a majority of you hate it too, especially Income Tax. Tax has always been here to generate revenues for war; when war is declared over, tax acts should be withdrawn, but that is not the case with the United States. But I digress, YES LEGALIZE MARIJUANA, those who will smoke it will smoke it, those who won't, won't. I don't want 20 liquor stores or clinics in my area as well, but neither do i want 20 coffee shops, beef sellers, etc.

Legalize it. It's less toxic than alcohol and should be controlled and taxed in a similar manner.

As a severely ill medical marijuana patient, who moved to the Netherlands to avoid being arrested and to avoid not having such easy access to the medicine I desperately need (yes, I use standard pharmaceuticals as well, with 3 for pain.)

There cannabis is a recognized medication with a production and distribution system apart from the Amsterdam coffeeshop scene, which is actually nationwide policy.

I can tell you from seeing it myself happen that if you just let the market work, the number of dispensaries will fall, beginning at the point when the market gets saturated, and the business gets to profit margins like other businesses. Then there will be an equilibrium, and these dispensaries will survive or fail based upon customer satisfaction and good or bad management.

And there are not 500 dispensaies, as there are barely 275 coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Are we to say that LA, (and are all those dispensaries in LA proper? or SoCal Combined? has stolen the title of cannabis capital of the world from Amsterdam, Vancouver, Seattle, and San Francisco? This pronouncement is a bit over the top. I know of only about 100 dispensaries in the area.

One reason there is so much interest in opening dispensaries is that huge sums can be demanded from the patients. My cannabis, 2 gram/day, costs between 30 and 40 dollars.
My Fentanyl patches don't cost this much.

these huge sums are available due to the prohibition on marijuana otherwise. This prohibition costs Californians billions in tax revenue, billions more from the money used on other things due to the reduction in cost of the cannabis.
It also costs public access to and safety in Northern California forests, for Mexican gangs are growing pot clandestinely there, when it should be grown with all the other large scale agriculture, namely in the Central Valley.

But a number of people simply cannot deal with other people enjoying themselves, which is why supporters of this prohibition are so unhappy.

Perhaps it is because religion claims rights on all routes to euphoria that somewhere, somehow, Richard Nixon, everyuone'
s favorite, most credible President, had to start a war on Marijuana, which he thought "the Jews," were responsible for marijuana's availability and popularity, that the US and world have been suffering under the yoke of this prohibition and its war ever since.

If one wants fewer dispensaries, then seek the formal repeal of the ban on marijuana, and keep your damned noses out of other people's business, while keeping your own nose and garden clean.

And don't tell me this is about the safety of anyone, for if safety were the real concern of these prohibitionists, like say Dianne Feinstein, then booze and cigarettes would be long illegal. What? We tried banning alcohol, and it did not work? One wonders why?

Given the legal protection that tobacco enjoys, it is clear we have a right to smoke plants. And the repeal of alcohol prohibition (why did they need an amendment for alcohol, but not for cannabis?) by Constitutional Amendment shows we clearly have a right to intoxication.

If we have a right to smoke plants and a right to intoxication, how can it be illegal to smoke plants to become intoxicated? (keep in mind Rush Limbaugh gives his golf opponents very strong cigars... to make them slightly intoxicated, giving him the advantage.)

Legalize pot and watch the number of dispensaries fall. It happened in the Netherlands, where the number dropped from 2000 to 800 nation wide between 1996 and 2007.

Most opponents already believe that the doctor's recommendation is meaningless, even though huge numbers of sick people are to be found buying medicine in these dispensaries. Why go along with the alleged charade?

TV Cameras wait only until they see the ostensibly (young) non-ill, never -asking- people about their problems, just as does the Alameda County Sheriff. Then these prohibitionists, whose jobs and budgets and prestige depend on the continuation of cannabis prohibition,claim they "don't see too many sick people[going into dispensaries]."

Hopefully this sheriff does not waste too much time sitting around in a parked car watching entrants to dispensaries, trying to divine how healthy these are.

If the dispensaries seem out of control, it is only because they are so new. The regular retail sale of cannabis has been artificially suppressed for 40, 70, or 100 years, depending upon when one accepts that the war. This began the process of making people's homes, college dorms, and school grounds into the major market places for cannabis. So instead of store fronts in strip malls or delivery services, dealing is primarily in regular, everyday neighborhoods.

You can beat back the storefronts, perhaps (one wonders if the man giving the tour in the Melrose district knows how many dealers are in his neighborhood,) but the dealing will just return to the neighborhoods and street corners, which will really keep cannabis away from the young and healthy, just as it has done during the entire prohibition of the past decades.

This part of the status quo is often pointed to by opponents as reason why cannabis must remain illegal.

But that is post pot, ergo propter pot, according to the late William F. Buckley Jr., one of the most frequently made/used logical fallacies. It means that "things are the way they are because things have been the way they have been."

Cannabis should not be illegal.

My Husband has arthritis and it isn't visible to most but it used to be painful. It is totally under control. His arthritis in the lower back is gone too. Most people seeing him enter a clinic would think he's healthy he's 59 but looks 30. He has all his own hair and he's the most virile man I've met. Marijauna is such a natural cure that has none of the harm of the Killer for profits big drug co's. Idiots keep recalling all thier toxic chemicals after they've been sued. It was terrible under the old pot pushers rule because they are shaky even when they're being nice to you. We gave up buying for 7 years off the underground because they were so unreliable and expensive and sometimes dangerous. Vaporizors deliver but we've never tried them. Please Legalize it NOW! I agree with taxing it and keeping it like business as usual. One of the nicest thing was when he got a prescription and it was because IT WORKS! The dispenseries that we've visited , the patients and personnel were all very respectful. I've never seen such patience in any clinic waiting room. I'm super impressed with L.A. County and I wish Riverside, San Diego & San Bernardino would get with a program intended for Dispenseries to open. Mr Governor Bring It On for your signature. I am asking for your continued support and sanity. California is the finest state in my opinion for quality of life first and foremost in cool things. Glad to be here.

YES - it's time to move into the 21st century and legalize marijuana. All those poor people sitting in jail just because they wanted to smoke a joint. Let's learn how to use it properly and responsibly and we might just become a calmer society.

How can anyone want to legalize a substance that we cannot possible control or monitor.
If medical marijuana would be sold in its purest form, I would have no problems with its legalization. However, I would suggest that each person research other natural alternatives for their ills. The short term effects of smoking unlaced marijuana can include problems with memory and learning; distorted perception; difficulty in thinking and problem-solving; loss or coordination; and increased heart rate, anxiety, and panic attacks.
Street marijuana is laced with many dangerous substances. The dangers of smoking marijuana is the possibility that it has been laced with another, more dangerous substance such as cocaine, crack, PCP, or even embalming fluid. It is important to remember that with unregulated drugs such as marijuana, the user has no way of knowing what other types of substances have been added. Our children, as young as seven years of age, are the recipients of these drugs and others. At what point do we stop talking the easy way out and input time and effort into resolving our issues with better alternative methods.



I'm a hemophiliac and I have arthritis in my elbow and ankles. I have found medical marijuana to be very beneficial to easing my pain and also helping with my insomnia. I prefer medical herb over prescription pills because it didn't have the harsh side affects like vomiting or fever for me. More people have died from prescription pills, be it over dose or severe side effects, then people who smoke/ingest THC. Yes I believe it should be legalized, if not for recreation than at least for medicinal purposes.

Very good segment. Quite accurate. I started smoking at the age of 15 and took a 12 year break by joining Narcotics Anonymous. I had severe pains in my leg due to diabetes and applied for a medical marijuana license. It was like a fairyland when I was able to leagally go into a pot shop.

I live in Reseda and other than Van Nuys, is 2nd in the amount of dispensaries. They are all run very well. The initial visit, you must bring your license with you. Upon subsequent visits, all you need is your drivers license.

Keep them open and perhaps maybe a State Tax ought to be charged. Obviously most clubs pay their state tax fee. It should be up to some sort of State Agency to ensure this.

Bob Sherman

Well, something has to be done. I support using MMJ for everything from the female cramps to anger management.
But LA is WAY out of control. I hope you guys don't blow it for us all. By having around 600 dispensaries you are going to force a backlash from the so-called Moral Majority.

One luv, one God, and a BIG celebration. Legalize marijuana. I'm a medical marijuana patient. It enhances my entire being. Keeps me sane!!!!
Bless up

It's about time people realize that marijuana is safer than Alcohol. Legalize it, tax it, make the streets alittle safer and use the tax for something positve like social security or our crappy health care setup. Lets get real people.

Here here Judge Grey.

I'm 80 years old and in good health. I never have & don't intend to use Marijuana, But, I do believe it should be legalized to be sold thru licensed premises. Make the licenses expensive, $60,000. to $100,000. and tax each sale. The savings to law enforcement and the prison system would be tremendous.

Its about profit. How is the city council or anyone going to shut down clinics that are paying rent to landlords, in these depressed times? The clinics not only pay rent but they employ people too.

Further, there are no complaints about violence or robberies or stoners loitering in the streets. The complaints result from fear a perceived threat that heretofore has not revealed itself.

Many people will open clinics but they won't all profit and they'll eventually close, thereby eliminating any glut in the market.

Most significantly, is the fact that demand is so high. This provides us with a realistic view of pot smokers. They are contributing members to society - unless of course, you think the only people who make purchases at these clinics are couch potato do-nothings (in which case you would be wrong).

I think it is time the US takes control of marijauna and gets it out of the Cartel's hands. People have been using pot for so long, local government controls seem inevitable for safety and profitability. I hope Gov. S can make it happen before the illegal dispensaries ruin it for the legal ones.

Marijuana should be legalized, pot can be used for more than just medicinal purposes. First off, the medicinal use of pot is and has been used for cancer, aids, tumors, etc. Secondly, by legalizing marijuana the government can not only recover a good "chunk" of their debts, but it can also be sold internationally, opening up a whole new trade and way to earn income for the country. I recently moved to California from Colorado, while in Colorado i applied for a job at a store known as Journey's, on the application i filled out it asked me if i had been convicted of a felony. Underneath that section of the application, it noted that ANY marijuana related charges are NOT to be listed. Ok, so my point being, that if this business can overlook that kind of charge, what's the point of having any legalities with marijuana in the first place? People who have been sent to prison/jail over marijuana do not deserve to be there either, what harm are they doing? Annual deaths due to marijuana...0. Now it is understandable that marijuana in hands of minors can be a bad thing, i should know, i'm only 16 years old. If marijuana is legalized it should follow the same laws as cigarettes, you can use if your 18 years of age. I have been smoking pot since the middle of 7th grade. I have had some trouble with schooling, now this could be because of pot or it could be other reasons. personally i think the marijuana had a huge impact on my schooling, but that's because i had no sense or control of knowing how to handle the plant. i was sent to a boarding school by my parents, for depression, anger, and usage of marijuana, after i was released i was clean for a long while, even though i started smoking again, i noticed that when i knew about the plant, and had a sense of control and how deeply you can get involved, i realized that i CAN control it, anyone can. I'm still smoking pot, my grades continue to be all b's or above. once you realize that you have the control, marijuana is just a way to relax, to have a little bit of fun. I don't come onto this website trying to be the next "big" blogger, but to spread information as to why this is not such a bad thing. If anyone ever reads this entry, they should add me on myspace, and give me your opinions. My URL is listed above.
Thank you for your time, and i look forward to hearing about other opinions. -Mitch.

Marajauna must be legalized. Sales would boost the economy, the state will get out of it's debt, people will eat out more and buy more groceries, laugh more and become healthy.

If you compare the effects of Alcohol and other legal drugs to Marajauna, you will see that Marajuana is safe and appropriate. Marajuana slows the spread of cancer, makes you sleep better and feel better.

Can you tell me how many Marajuana related deaths there are? Alcohol causes violence, crime and deaths. Yet, Alcohol is legal.

The state and federal government needs to stop playing games and just legalize it.

Yes, I believe marijuana should be legalized. By doing so, taxes will be required on its sale to help our economy vs the millions of dollars govt spends/wastes trying to fight it. There should also be a price to pay to obtain a "marijuana license," as is the case with alcohol, again to help the local economy. By default, crime will decrease since the illegal marijuana black market will become obsolete. There would also be a lot more mellow/happy people vs the violence alcohol brings out in many.

I do not agree with unregistered dispensaries though since they defeat the purpose of legalizing marijuana. All should play by the same rules for the benefit of Los Angeles' economy and beyond (California as a whole).

Medical Marijuana helps me sleep at night. I am 12% Native American; my ancestors would mash berries like coffee beans into pulp, consume their concoctions, and not sleep for days at a time during some celebrations.

If I drink a Starbucks Energy Drink, I've consumed 3600mg Taurine and 180mg Guarana; far more potent than any natural substance. It has a far worse effect on my body than coffee - keeping me awake for days at a time - so I avoid energy drinks, even though there are more 7-11 & liquor stores on my street than all the legit Marijuana Dispensaries in California.

The real "War on Drugs" in regards to Marijuana in SoCal recently was due to law enforcement officials owning dispensaries. No joke. Its all in the Hall of Records, the "Doing Business As" records I believe they are called.

Example: the DEA. DEA agents, at least within the last 2 years, have owned legit medical marijuana dispensaries in SoCal. Even in the best case scenario, assuming the DEA busted only the fake dispensaries, isn't even that a conflict of interest? Did every gram of every controlled substance make it to an evidence locker during every raid? Is it not feasible to assume that Greed could allow for confiscated cannibis to instead appear as new stock on someone's display shelf?

It seems to me that the DEA has moved on, other elements are moving in, and Californians are still many decades away from allowing me to fill my prescription at Rite Aid.

And that's the real issue, I think. The good people of California.

People like the nice gentleman that walked Ms. Muller around his neighborhood, bragging about his knowledge of the Pot Stores nearby. I think people like that are just waiting to vote YES on a proposition to classify marijuana as a controlled substance again. Anything to make them feel Safe.

How many deaths happen in California related to drunk drivers? Where's the focus on all the liquor stores?

Cocaine is a natural substance that should be controlled by law enforcement; Methamphetamine is a synthetic substance that should be controlled by the same means.

Marijuana was Medicine to my ancestors before the Europeans came. We showed them how to plant corn and raise Turkeys; they told us how we were Heathens for not worshipping their God. We even showed them which parts of a Marijuana plant to smoke; silly Europeans were using the leaves.

Once there was a way to make money from Marijuana, it became Pot. Pot is a drug, and the TV scares millions of people every day with the Dramatic notion of a War on Drugs.

Eventually, Native Americans were labelled Criminals for not following the new laws, even after being forced to leave our homes and live on "Indian Reservations" where such laws supposedly did not apply to us.

So many Labels: Heathen, Indian, Criminal.

When will the labels end? Its a Medicine, not a drug, that allows me to stay calm when a White person calls me "Indian". That's like calling a Black Man the N word.

I loved Judy Muller's show on SoCal Connected.

Perhaps the next installment could ask the question "Who is regulating the individual Police Officers who also own dispensaries?"

No I do not believe that there should be a crackdown on medical marijuana clinics. Cannabis is successfully being used to treat a number of ailments - including those associated with cancer and HIV. Prescription drugs are far more expensive and not as effective at providing relief from pain and nausea.
Safe access to medical marijuana makes sense - especially given the current situations regarding healthcare and our economy!

Marijuana destroys brain cells and under its influence may lead to accidents when operating machinery, including automobiles. I have witnessed that over time it leads to behavioral problems. In my opinion, it will cause lung cancer as tobacco smoke has proven to do.

marijuana is a natural relaxer and it should be completely lagalized.

Legalize, this war on the sick and dying is disgusting!!!!

Marijuana should be legalized -- if only to benefit the city and state by creating a huge source of tax revenue (from what is already possibly the largest, most valuable crop in California); take the trade out of the hands of criminals; provide more opportunities to research the positive and negative affects on the health of those who partake; provide relief to the millions who suffer from the aches and pains of chronic, even fatal illnesses; and regulate it like alcohol to keep it out of the hands of kids. I say 'hooray' for L.A's laissez attitude. It's great to live in a city where the people who really need it can get it easily. It is a bit irksome, however, that public television should present such a negative, narrow perspective on this issue. There was a strident, outraged tone to this piece that seemed a bit Foxy, even for corporate sponsored former public programming. What is that I smell in the corridors of KCET? Is that the odor of hypocrisy? Or is it something a bit more pungent?

I say legalize marijuana, tax it, fund medical clinics and emergency rooms, with the revenue. Any money left over after that should go to schools.
Regulate where marijuana can be sold in the same way as alcohol. Encourage inventors to build cannabis breathalizers, write laws to set blood/THC standards and Blood/alcohol/THC standards just as there are blood/alcohol standards for DUI penalties.

Is anybody concerned about opening a Rite Aid Pharmacy on every corner or near a school? Are pharmacies taxed just to open up? Is there pandemonium in the streets as a result of LA having more drug clinics than any other city? All of your officials on the program kept talking about the "problem". What exactly is this problem? The only problem I see is the city officials trying to control a drug that has been singled out from other prescription drugs for "special" treatment. And why is that? What scientific evidence shows that marajuana is any different or needs special limitations and fees over and above any other prescription drug? That unfounded and biased perception, my friends, is the problem.

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