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Your Take... On Super-Graphics

We'd like your opinion on super graphics. Love 'em? Hate 'em? Share your thoughts here, and we'll share your take on the next episode of SoCal Connected.

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If it is advertized I don't ever buy it.and my memory is gigantic ...

Super graphics and digital billboards are a sign of the times, and the sign says: Money trumps everything. If your project creates enough profit , our spineless city government is more than willing to turn a blind eye. Los Angeles, like most big cities, is for sale to the highest bidder. More's the pity.

your report on the city refusing to enforce health and safety concerns regarding mega signs, or enforce the actual sign ordinance itself, is typical of the los angeles city. i had complained to the l.a. housing dept. for years because i was living in an apartment building where 2-room units regularly had up to five people living in them, usually three of those people being children. the maximum occupancy in the building i was living was two. when contacted, housing admitted legal limits were violated, but said they had decided (unilaterally apparently) did not enforce that aspect of the ordinance, even though the health of children were at stake.
likewise the city's dept. of social services dept. when contacted over the danger to children living in these legally overcrowded units. their response to me was that they only respond to instances of child abuse. maybe i'm missing something, but stuffing a family of five, including three children, into a unit meant for a max of two, WAS child abuse.
all that resulted from my complaints was that the building's handlers, a large property management company, had me evicted after families in the building complained about me because of fears their over-rented units could be brought to light. i would imagine the owners also had an interest in seeing me go.
i filed a complaint with the u.s. dept of HUD and left the building, the building owners eventually paying me to drop the complaint. however, the overcrowded, illegally over-rented situation still exists at that apartment building, as well as countless other buildings run by mega-property management corporations in the city, with NO city dept. charged with enforcing the laws doing anything about this...gee, i wonder if money speaks here, as well as in your story about sign ordinances on the books NOT being enforced.
if kcet is interested in doing a report on the overcrowded apt. units, which to me is every bit as dangerous as illegal signs, please contact me. not only does the overstuffing of children into small units affect safety in the buildings themselves, but as a former reporter i have talked to police, fire, and school officials who acknowledge freely that such heightened and illegal populations in neighborhoods, on streets all over the city, and in our overcrowded school districts, endanger everyone by stretching thin police and fire protection, and school resources.

Digital Display Boards are an eyesore. They destroy the natural beauty of California. I personally like the look of steel, glass, and cement in the cities. Most of the buildings are cool, but not the signs. Where did the advertising industry get the idea they had the right to use every ounce of public and private space for ads? They're talking about using outer space for advertising now. No, I'm not making that up.
There is a myth about advertising, that it reduces the cost of things. Just the opposite is true. It drives the cost of everything up. High prices are largely due to the cost of marketing and advertising.

This piece was very well produced.
It makes you wonder, if the city of Los Angeles can't control the billboard industry--what else can't they control? It's time to clean house in City Hall. Wake up Angelenos before our city goes down the tubes.

See the latest -- The illegal sign at 10801 National, has been cited for fire code violations and the D.A. is filing charges because the owner will not have it removed.

If the government wanted the signs down, they would have prison sentences established and sufficient fines to motivate the offenders to stop.

nonsense..turn off their power..if they cant make money they will go away..simple...unplug !!!

This is a well produced show on the out of hand problem of Super Graphics in Los Angeles. There was one African American man in the piece that was speaking , I believe at a City Council meeting that made the comment that "These signs provide good union jobs"... Last I checked union workers don't or aren't supposed to engage in illegal activity. Next we will hear drug dealing and murder for hire as respectable ways to "earn a living" ? . These signs are most likely put up by people earning very little being exploited by greedy advertisers and landlords.

It is good this issue is finally gaining some bad it didn't come sooner though.

I think super graphics on buildings are the worst form of advertising and should be banned period. Where are the guts in this city? I almost crashed into car in front of me because I was so stunned at seeing this huge ad on the entire side of one of my favorite buildings. What about all the people in the building who now have to look out through colors or shapes that corrupt their only view? Didn't they pay good money to rent there? Where are their rights? Do the landlords reduce their rent to the poor tenants who would never have rented window offices with such obstructed views. Penalize the landlords and the companies that use them. Ban all future super graphics now and make the companies that put them up take them down! We don't need any areas where they are OK we were fine without them before. Just stop all electronic billboards and giant anything..this is UGLY!!!!

I would like to see a ban that is enforced, on all Mega-Advertising and Digital display Billboards in the City of Los Angeles.
I would love to see this retroactive as well, with a removal of all Digital and Mega-Graphics presently erected.
The reasons are numerous not the least of which is the effect these products have on lowering the quality of life for the residents of the City of Los Angeles.

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