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Your Take... Los Angeles Heath Care

This week SoCal Connected looked at our shrinking - and increasingly stressed - health care system. Even if you have access to insurance, your medical options may not be what they once were. Are you worried? Are you waiting longer to see the doctor? Share your story here and we will use it on air next week.

Also: The Oscars are this weekend. Are you too broke to care? Or is a little televised glamour just what your personal Federal Reserve Board ordered?

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I Would rather watch paint dry!

I wish they very talent, making having a fun. It was amazing, because I was wearing my own dress for any type normal clothes as well. But is a respect to one of each others, because I have to say it, like it or not. GO FORCE!! with the Oscars.

NO OSCAR watching for me!! Given our current economic state and increasing poverty, unemployement, and uninsurance rates, I hardly think it appropriate for Hollywood to flaunt their bottomless pits of money and extravagent displays of financial resources in the face of a hurting country. Nobody in Hollywood seems to be lacking work or health insurance. Broadcasting the expensive show is a slap in the face and should have been done more tastefully.

I agree with Emme; The actors and actresses in Hollywood and the whole establishment which is supporting this kind of system with everybody serving and glamorizing and yet being apart from the elite, are flaunting it. And we are all suffering unemployment, poverty, disability, homelessness, a bad economy, etc. I don't know how you could have done the Oscars more tastefully. But maybe do a little cheap-show for fun, where they really do have a coin-operated chocolate fountain at the party.

Hello Val,

Your recent show on Emergency Rooms claimed that low reimbursement rates were a cause of whole hospitals going bankrupt and shutting down. There is some truth to that. But, you might also mention that hospitals continue to buy the latest and most expensive equipment, and that hospital and medical care in the U. S. is more expensive, but the "outcomes" generally poorer, than in most countries of Europe.

Frank Amon

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