In The Shadow of 9/11

Wed Sep 7 at 8:00PM on KCET

Marking the premiere of SoCal Connected's fourth season, "In the Shadow of 9/11" explores the local impact of the 2001 terrorist attacks. Judy Muller investigates the state of our national security, examining LAX and the Port of Los Angeles; Brian Rooney looks at the critical role California has played in Iraq and Afghanistan; and Michael Okwu reports on the rise of "Islamophobia" across the U.S. In addition, Global Watch anchor Reza Aslan (bestselling author of No god but God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam) will lead a panel discussion about terrorist threats, the future of our military, and how we've changed as a nation.

Plus, join us for a live chat with correspondent Judy Muller during the premiere on Wednesday, Sept. 7 at 8 p.m.

UPDATE 2:25 P.M.: Nature had other plans, apparently. Reza Aslan will be spending the evening with his wife instead, as he is about to become the father of twins. Our award-winning correspondent Judy Muller will be stepping up to the plate to fill in for him.

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