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By the Numbers: California Community Colleges & Proposition 30

It was under Governor Pat G. Brown in the 1960s that the California Master Plan for Higher Education was created. Now his son, Governor Jerry Brown, is trying to keep his father's vision afloat and healthy during this climate of economic decline. Here's a quick numerical look at community colleges and the challenges they face this election season:

  • 112: The number of community colleges in California, making this higher education system the largest in the country.
  • 2.9 Million: The number of students that were enrolled a few years ago.
  • 2.4 Million: The number of students currently enrolled, 500,000 of whom were put on wait lists for classes
  • $800 Million: The amount the system's budget has been cut over the last few years, representing a 12% reduction.
  • 3 to 4 Years: The time it takes some students to complete community college because fewer classes are offered amid budget cuts. The system was set up to be completed within two years.
  • 25%: The current rate of graduation in 2011. It was 46.3% in 2006.
  • 49th: California ranks second to last of degrees awarded by community colleges per 100 students.
  • Prop 30: If this proposition passes on the November ballot, personal income taxes would go up for those earning more than $250,000 and a quarter-cent sales tax increase would go into effect statewide. $200 million would go to the community college system.
  • Prop 38: This proposition also seeks to fund education, albeit by a different method.

  • $500 Million: The system could lose this much if Prop 30 fails.

About These Numbers
They were pulled from a segment on "SoCal Connected," which looked at the cuts community colleges could face after the election.

More on Props 30 and 38

Above Photo: Students at Pierce College | S.C. Asher/Flickr/Creative Commons License


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