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Bleeping Ads and Irregular Job Hunting on Thursday's SoCal

This might be some kind of a record around here: only four days into the fifth season of "SoCal Connected" and we've already had to BLEEP someone. Actually, two people.

Not that we're proud of that. (That was in case the boss ever stumbles onto this blog.)

The bleepees in question are Samuel L. Jackson and comedian Sarah Silverman. They're cussing for a cause. They star in two of the political commercials Special Contributor Madeleine Brand and Variety political columnist Ted Johnson dissect tonight. Turns out that campaign ads have followed the same trajectory as the rest of society over the past few years: they've become louder, nastier, more concerned with opinion than facts, and more expensive. We'll show you the cream of the crop tonight.

No need to mention this if you run into our correspondent Brian Rooney out in the world, but we don't pay him very much. So once in a while, we like to help the kid out (without inconveniencing ourselves, of course). We sent him out today to look for a new job -- armed with the newest work-finding device. You have one, too. You can try to guess what it is, or you can skip right to the answer by watching tonight's "SoCal Connected" at 7:00 and 10:30 p.m. on KCET.

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