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Join 'SoCal' at Two New Air Times

In the Control Room, our thoughts -- like yours -- are with the people of Newtown, Conn.

We're working on stories and interviews we hope will add context to this horrific event.

For now, we just want to remind you that as of Monday, Dec. 17, "SoCal Connected" airs at two new times every weekday evening: 5:30 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. on KCET (here's how to find KCET's channel number on your cable or satellite system). You can replay individual stories or entire episodes anytime right here on the website.


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(RE: Prescription Drug Abuse, Jan. 17,2013 at %:30 p.m.) I am so sorry that the woman's young son died from abuse of these drugs. However, those of us with chronic diseases rely on these pain medicines in order to have somewhat of a life, mostly pain free. I have an H.M.O., and my prescriptions are all on a computer. My insurance will not allow me to refill before my 30 days is over. I have even received a letter from the government when I moved, and i used a new pharmacy. That letter went out to all my physicians- just because I moved! Please- I know there are dishonest people and dishonest doctors, but Pain relief is not well taught in American Medical schools. Please don't make it harder for the people who truly need these medications. While I am sorry for her loss, please remember that the young people featured were criminals in how they went about getting their drugs ( stealing from mom's medicine chests). Don't make the honest users pay for what some people do illegally.


N. Jones
Murrieta, Ca.

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