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We're Moving (But We Don't Have to Pack)

We'll sure miss the old place......But we're excited about our new place!"SoCal Connected" is moving, but it's not the kind of move that'll force us to suck-up to the neighborhood supermarket manager in an attempt to score some free cardboard boxes.

As part of a series of shifts in KCET's afternoon/early evening schedule, SoCal Connected will air at 5:30 PM and 10:00 PM Monday through Friday, beginning the Monday after next — December 17. One thing won't change: you'll still be able to watch all of our stories and interviews — or full episodes — on your schedule right here on the website.

Our new, earlier "late" air-time — 10:00 — means you can stay up to date on all the latest developments in our investigative reports without having to stay up late. Tonight, for example, correspondent Vince Gonzales advances the story he reported last week about L.A. County Supervisor Don Knabe's son, and the "family ties" some claim get him preferential treatment when the county hands out contracts worth millions of dollars. Vince has word tonight that in the wake of our investigation, one of Knabe's fellow Supervisors has called for an official investigation.

So we won't need to ask to borrow your pickup truck, and we won't try to guilt you into helping us load any boxes. But as we make this move to new times beginning the week after next, we hope you'll come along. We can't wait to show you the new place(s)!

"From the Control Room" is where "SoCal Connected" producers take you behind the scenes of the award-winning investigative/civic watchdog newsmagazine. You'll learn about stories we're working on, get a feel for how the program comes together, and hear from the staff.


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