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Doing Corruption Stories in Southeast L.A. County: Former L.A. Weekly Reporter Says It Ain't Easy

Before Huntington Park, before Bell, before Vernon, investigative reporter Jeffrey Anderson was working sources and uncovering corruption in the cities of southeast Los Angeles County. He even won an award for a series of reports on corruption in the city of Cudahy.

So what does it take to piece together such an investigation? Producer Karen Foshay got a chance to talk to him while working on a story into possible corruption in Huntington Park, a city right down the street from Cudahy and scandal-ridden Bell. Watch the video above for his take on doing tough-minded, tough-to-get investigative stories. Then find out more about how he got the story on Cudahy and read the full series, "The Town the Law Forgot."

Interview: Karen Foshay


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