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In Memoriam: 'SoCal Connected' Remembers Huell Howser

Here at "SoCal Connected," we were saddened to learn of the passing of our longtime colleague and KCET mainstay Huell Howser, who died yesterday at his Palm Springs home at the age of 67.

The always affable host of "California's Gold" and "Visiting with Huell Howser" managed to find the sublime in the seemingly mundane with unmatched wholeheartedness. Whether he was chronicling avocado-eating dogs, or Juanita's menudo plant, or lowrider shows, Huell brought the same infectious enthusiasm to exploring the unknown, unsung treasures of the Golden State. The earnest ebullience he demonstrated with the people he met and in places newly-discovered gained him legions of fans, prompted kindhearted impersonations, and even garnered him "Simpsons" status.

"SoCal Connected" aired a special episode dedicated to Huell, in which we spoke to CEO of KCET Al Jerome and COO Mary Mazur about his many years producing his shows at KCET. His longtime producer Phil Noyes and cameraman Luis "Louie" Fuerte dropped by the studio and talked about their experience working closely with Huell and what inspired his storytelling. Also, author and historian D.J. Waldie examined Huell's importance as chronicler of California folk.


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I am so sorry to hear of Huell's passing my wife and I will miss him dearly.R.I.P.


"Open up those Golden Gates". Our thoughts and prayers are with Huell's family and friends, as well as all the California's Gold faithfuls. After watching Huell for twenty years, give or take, I still can't decide which episodes I cherish most...The one's in which he visited "off the beaten track" sites, of which I've ventured to several, or when he happened upon one of my secret gems. Huell's love of California was inspiring, thoughtful and chock-full of his sense of whit and adventure. I love that it took a "southern boy" to peer directly into the heart of California's soul. We'll miss you sorely, my friend. I'm sure your Heaven is the perfect California campsite. God be with you.


Where's the video of the special memoriam? I have stupid Time Warner Cable which doesn't broadcast KCET. I was hoping for a livestream here on the website. Maybe you'll let KOCE have it, or upload it here in the archives or on your YouTube channel.


I and my family met Huell at a drive-in KCET fund raiser in Montclair and he was such a down to earth person he will be missed. We had a picture taken together and i said ok huell say menudo he had such a big smile in the picture. R.I.P Huell

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