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NYC Dark from Already Alive on Vimeo.

Photographers Capture Stunning Time-Lapse of NYC in the Dark After Superstorm Sandy

Photographer Iwan Baan's helicopter shot of the power outage in Lower Manhattan captured the city that never sleeps as it was seemingly knocked unconscious by Superstorm Sandy. That image quickly became an iconic New York magazine cover.

Then we were struck this weekend by one very personal visual essay of a nearly empty Lower Manhattan, still without power in Sandy's wake.

It's a time-lapse video made by two New Yorkers, Jared Levy and Michael Marantz. Marantz made the time-lapse and composed the score. Twenty-six-year-old Levy took the photos you see when the time-lapse pauses. It's his voice you hear.

Levy said that the power of the storm to kill people and severely damage the region's infrastructure proved that "it's a collective experience, living together in a city, and we rely on each other in moments like this."

You can find more of the team's work on the website for their production company, Already Alive.

For the Record: An earlier version of this story misstated the specific roles played by Jared Levy and Michael Marantz in producing the time-lapse video. The current version has been corrected.


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