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California's 31st District: A Perfect Political Storm

One of the more compelling narratives this election year is happening in the state's newly created 31st Congressional District, which includes the cities of San Bernardino and Rancho Cucamonga.

The combination of redistricting, unabated super PAC spending, and a primary system overhaul has resulted in something of a perfect storm here, where two Republican candidates are vying for votes in a district with a Democratic majority.

Bob Dutton, who already represents roughly 60 percent of the 31st in his State Senate district, has been outspent by more than 10-to-1 by Congressman Gary Miller, a candidate backed by the Republican National Committee but still relatively unknown to most in the San Bernardino area.

Despite the spending deficit and the Republican Party's support for Miller, the race for California's 31st District remains up in the air.

It's a tricky scenario, one that begs the question of whether or not the state's election reforms have adequately addressed longstanding concerns of gerrymandering and provided voters with an improved electoral system.

"It's not the idyllic world that some of the proponents of the reforms played out, but it's a big improvement," says Doug Johnson, a fellow at the Rose Institute at Claremont McKenna College.

Watch our segment on California's highly contentious District 31, and make sure to voice your opinion in the comments below.


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