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Full Transcript: Rosetti Tape Reveals How Church Dealt with Sexually Abusive Priests

If there's anyone who knows the internal politics of the Catholic church as it attempted to navigate the clergy sexual abuse scandal, it's Father Stephen J. Rossetti. For many years Rossetti headed the St. Luke Institute, which sought to rehabilitate priests who were known to the church to have sexually abused or exploited their parishioners, adults and children alike. Rossetti even traveled and gave lectures to other clergy about how best to handle such priests, becoming something of an expert on the subject.

"SoCal Connected" has obtained one of Rossetti's lectures from 1996, a talk titled "Post-Treatment Options for Clergy Perpetrators" that has never before been made public. Some of this lecture became part of our exclusive investigation into the church's practice of moving priests around in the L.A. Archdiocese. But we wanted to make it public in its entirety. We feel that it is a valuable contribution to the historical record about a scandal that has rocked the Catholic church for decades. We offer it now without any analysis or further explanation other than a closing note on Rossetti himself: Father Rossetti's positions have evolved over the years, and he says he now supports a policy of zero tolerance, which places emphasis on taking care of the victim first.

Read the document below:


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