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Get to Know Madeleine Brand

We're of course very happy to have Madeleine Brand on our team, and we've gotten a lot of positive feedback and interest from the public as she has made the transition from radio to TV.

But for those who aren't yet familiar with the former public radio host -- first of NPR's "Day to Day" and more recently of her eponymous show on KPCC -- the Los Angeles Times has a great profile that includes the story on her decision to move to KCET.

"I think I can bring to TV what I brought to my radio show," Brand told the Times. "Engaging, intimate, insightful interviews with a dose of humor. I'm gonna see if it'll work."

Take a minute to leave us a comment. Let us know how we're doing and what kind of stories and coverage you'd like to see in our fifth season.


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I was fortunate enough to stumble upon the Madeleine Brand show a couple of months before Madeleine left KPCC, it was love at first listen...I am a huge talk radio fan and there was something about her voice that really made me feel whole. That black Friday when I heard her last sign off I was really depressed and disappointed...I wasn't quite sure who to blame. I still give Take Two a listen to in the mornings, but I find myself cringing every time I hear Alex Cohen's voice and A Martinez's awful interviews and I would scour the internet to find out just what happened to my favorite radio personality. So thank you KCET for this gift, you now have my full monetary support and I will now become a loyal viewer AND listener! Cheers

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