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Giants in Danger, Microloans, Bottle Tree Ranch, Colby Printing

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Whales off the coast of Southern California are on a collision course with massive cargo ships. Host Val Zavala reports on what's being done to help these giants in danger.

Lending money to start-ups has proven to be a rewarding idea in underdeveloped countries. So why hasn't the trend picked up in the U.S.? Jennifer London discovers how micro-loans are making a difference for many local businesses.

Elmer Long has transformed his desert ranch into an oasis of trees made from welded metal and glass bottles. Nic Cha Kim takes you inside the one-of-a-kind Bottle Tree Ranch.

For three generations, the family-run Colby Printing Company has been producing eye-catching Day-Glo posters that have come to define Los Angeles. C.R. Stecyk III visits the company and reminisces about the enduring visual appeal of their work before its doors close for good.