L.A.'s Murals, Citizen Scientists, Guerrilla Gardeners, Jackrabbit Homesteads

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Ever since Los Angeles lifted its decade-long ban on public murals, artists have been eager to showcase their talents, but getting the necessary approvals can be complicated. As Nic Cha Kim discovers, some murals are also blurring the line between art and advertisement.

Learn how a friendly bet led to a citywide citizen science program. Cara Santa Maria explores how the Natural History Museum's BioSCAN project is helping us discover more about the insects in our own backyards.

A nocturnal group of succulent-loving laborers are transforming ugly patches of neglected public land into gardens. Val Zavala meets up with these "guerrilla gardeners."

The rustic allure of the American West continues to bring creative types to San Bernardino County, where a handful of artists are reclaiming abandoned jackrabbit homesteads and turning them into personal studios.