Death with Dignity, Microbeads, Young Pilots

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Should terminally ill Californians have the option to end their own lives, as patients in Oregon and Washington do? Anchor Val Zavala talks with a doctor who lost his 25-year-old daughter to cancer after a long and painful illness.

It's a new kind of plastic that is too small to recycle and too tiny to filter out of waste water. Called microbeads, thousands of them are put into skin cleansers, exfoliates and even toothpaste. They eventually end up in our oceans, consumed by fish and coral and adding to the huge gyres of plastic that are floating in our oceans. Derrick Shore reports.

At an airport in Compton, a remarkable program is teaching kids to fly before they can drive. Anchor Val Zavala met 7-year-old Lauro Banuelos as he climbed into the cockpit of a Cessna 172. He is one of hundreds of young people who are learning to fly airplanes and helicopters at "Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum" founded by Tuskegee Airmen.