FasTrak Lanes, Hip Hop School of Arts, Political Graphics, Lawn Painting

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Driving on congested freeways is the norm for most Angelenos. For commuters looking to dodge traffic and save time, Metro is providing an option to pay for access to FasTrak ExpressLanes on portions of the 110 and 10 freeways.

The Center for the Study of Political Graphics is a repository of 85,000 of political posters. Its founder and director, Carol Wells, recalls the turning point in her life when she went from typical teenager to political activist. It happened in Century City on June 23, 1967.

Nick Hardcastle visits the Hip Hop School of Arts, a nonprofit performing arts center in the heart of Pomona, California. Founded by B-boy legend Lil' Cesar, the program aims to teach the broad scope of hip hop culture from breakdancing to rapping to merchandising.

With a lingering drought in California and no sign of rain on the horizon, many homeowners are turning to inexpensive alternatives to transform patches of brown into lush green lawns.