Homelessness in Santa Clarita, Hollywood Sign, Badminton in the San Gabriel Valley, The California Orange

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"SoCal Connected" reveals a different form of homelessness; encampments along a riverbed in the affluent community of Santa Clarita. Unlike residents on L.A.'s Skid Row, people like Mike Crosby prefer to remain less visible. Reporter Cara Santa Maria learns how Crosby survives, what caused his life to fall apart. We also talk to law enforcement, a city official, and a shelter director about the limited resources available to the homeless, and what happened after the city cleared the riverbed encampments.

It's more famous than the Sunset Strip, but for homeowners living near the Hollywood Sign, this popular tourist attraction has become a major annoyance. Traffic is only one of the irritants. Correspondent Brian Unger heads to the Hollywood Hills to see how these nine white letters are spelling trouble for local residents.

It happens late at night in huge windowless buildings attracting hundreds of people. Reporter Conor Knighton discovers the popularity of badminton among Asian-Americans who flock to two clubs in El Monte to play out their obsession with this surprisingly competitive sport.

David Boulé became enamored of the iconic California orange at an ephemera show when he spotted a penny postcard of a citrus orchard set against the mountains. Thirty-five years later Boule's collection has grown to 600 postcards all featuring the region's signature crop. Boulé himself has gone from collector to one of the foremost experts on the California orange industry, and author of "The Orange and the Dream of California."