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California Votes - Part One

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The debut episode of the new season, "California Votes," will give viewers an inside look at some of the most controversial issues this election season -- the propositions.

First, correspondent Judy Muller visits the secluded groves of Humboldt County for an unexpected take on Proposition 19.  In an area where marijuana, legal or not, has driven the economy for decades, growers, marketers, even chefs are gearing up to cash in if the crop goes legit. Who gets rich if weed is legal? Will big farmers, lawyers and lobbyists feast on the profits?  Will California's cities and counties benefit or get buried in an avalanche of legal wrangling?

Next up, the man sometimes dubbed "The Godfather of Propositions," Paul Mandabach, reveals his trade secrets to anchor Val Zavala. In a rare and candid show-and-tell, Mandabach unmasks the strategies that have persuaded voters so often that his firm has a 90 percent win rate. We learn how the initiatives he has helped pass have changed the state already and could impact it for decades to come.

Finally, former Governor Gray Davis tells SoCal Connected why the next governor will have a much tougher time than he did. He rates the skills of Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman and commends the man who replaced him -- Arnold Schwarzenegger. Davis talks about why California is so ungovernable and why it's a job he says he would never want again.

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Ha! Davis doesn't want the job! It sank his political career and he commends Arnold because it sunk his, too! Those two are finished.

What sort of ego must these other two candidates have to think they can succeed? At least Jerry says he is too old to have further aspirations, that this *is* it. Like he might fall on his sword or something.

But Meg? What can she be thinking? That being governor of California right now is a fantastic stepping stone for one's political career? Either she is completely out to lunch or the most optimistic person ever. Though, come to think of it, is there a distinction between those two. Maybe the other option is something more cynical. However I can't think of it as I'm just not a cynical person.