Quimby and The Laws That Govern L.A. Parks

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An investigation into the little-known Quimby law: Ever wonder why there aren't more parks in your LA neighborhood? It's not a lack of money. There are millions of dollars just sitting there read to be spent, but a little known law seems to be slowing down its spending and slowing down the greening of LA. Next Val and Madeleine talk with Sam Lubell and Greg Goldin about the LA that "could have been" if a few urban planning proposals had been successful at the beginning of the 20th century. "Never Built: Los Angeles" is a reflection of these proposals and will be showing at the A+D Architecture and Design Museum. Later Chevon Hicks, President and Executive Creative Director of the creative agency Heavenspot, talks with Madeleine on how to be prepared to get hired for tech jobs.