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Leimert Park, Gibbon Conservation Center, Underground Shelters, Charles Phoenix

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Leimert Park is a vibrant neighborhood with a rich cultural history and deep roots in the city's African-American community. Nic Cha Kim explores how recent gentrification efforts have transformed the area -- a change that some fear may cause Leimert Park to lose its unique character.

Meet the rarest group of apes in the Western Hemisphere as Nick Hardcastle journeys inside the Gibbon Conservation Center.

Dystopian fears are driving many to spend big money on state-of-the-art underground shelters. Vince Gonzeles examines the booming doomsday business.

Meet humorist, author, and pop-culture performer Charles Phoenix, whose collection of 200,000 Kodachrome slides offers a colorful and hilarious glimpse of American family life in the 1950s and 60s.