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A Moveable Feast at the Brewery Art Colony

Original Airdate May 14, 2014

Nic Cha Kim: Hi, we’re at the Brewery in Lincoln Heights. Now back in the day, this used to be a Brewery, but today it’s an artist’s calling with about 500-700 artists living and working here at any given time. We’re here to meet Daniel Busby and he’s created a contraption called A Moveable Feast.

You know, this is my first time seeing this up close. I’ve seen this at CicLavia, at Pasadena, at different events. What is this? Tell me about this.

Daniel Busby: So this is called A Moveable Feast. It’s an 8-person, pedal-powered, dining table. And so we like to get all dressed up in tuxedos and ball gowns and have fancy meals while pedaling around.

Nic Cha Kim: Do I have to get dressed up to join you or can I join you just looking like this?

Daniel Busby: Well, you don’t have to. But it’s part of the show, for sure. We wanted it to look like the fanciest meal you’ve ever had. So we have all the fine China and silver, and this is just a small sampling of it. We have all the platters and gravy bowls and all that sort of stuff. We’ve had amazing meals on this thing. From Thanksgiving dinner, to turkey, to pie – the whole thing.

Nic Cha Kim: Can I steer this thing?

Daniel Busby: It’s a lot easier if you’re sitting on it.

Nic Cha Kim: How many people does it take to actually drive this thing?

Daniel Busby: Well, one person can pedal it by themselves. No, it’s not so bad.

Nic Cha Kim: So are we ready to take this thing out?

Daniel Busby: It’s meant to move.

Nic Cha Kim: Alright, let’s do it.

Daniel Busby: Away we go.

Nic Cha Kim: We’re going down the hill. It’s like “Pirates of the Caribbean” right now. I feel like we’re going faster than 5 mph right now.

Daniel Busby: Yeah, we got a little downhill speed going.

Nic Cha Kim: I’m just going to try and eat something. You want to join us? Hop on!

Daniel Busby: Hey, come on! It is hard to get table service out here, I tell you that much.

Nic Cha Kim: You should have a jogger that like waits on us. You want to see what it’s like to be at the helm on a Moveable Feast on a crowded boulevard? Take a look at this. This is a Moveable Feast during CicLAvia, that’s when they close major streets and let cyclists take over. It even attracts attention when it’s standing still. Dan spent four years at Caltech. OK, he didn’t graduate. But that does explain his engineering know-how beneath this invention.

Daniel Busby: Basically what’s happening is every peddler is feeding into this one main drive shaft that rides down the middle. And then they all feed into this…that goes out to a 90 degree turn and that feeds to rear deferential.

Nic Cha Kim: You guys want to jump on? Dan got this project started through a Kickstarter campaign where he raised $5,000. But it wasn’t about the money.

Daniel Busby: The reason why I did that was because I wanted people to be able to contribute with their money but to also let them know about it so they wanted to contribute with their time as well. I wanted them to feel like they have some ownership of it as well.

Nic Cha Kim: Say Will Smith comes here and he’s producing “Wild Wild West II” for his son Jaden. He wants to take this home. What’s the asking price?

Daniel Busby: I think I’d let it go for I think $20,000. I think that’s a fair price for a unique art piece that functions. Thank you guys.

Nic Cha Kim: Daniel thank you so much for showing us A Moveable Feast. I really enjoyed the tour around the Brewery Artwalk. I know you’ve got plenty of other people to entertain, so I’ll let you have it. And I’ll see you at the next CicLAvia.

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Daniel Busby is the brains behind A Moveable Feast, an iconic transportation device that has made its mark at CicLAvia, Pasadena, and the Brewery Art Colony -- home to hundreds of working artists.

"We wanted it to look like the fanciest meal you have. We have all the fine China, the platters, and gravy bowls. And we've had amazing meals on this thing. One person can pedal it themselves," Busby told KCET's Nic Cha Kim.

Busby describes the experience as an eight-person “pedal-powered dining table," which is controlled by a steering wheel that doubles as a lazy Susan.

If Will Smith were to inquire about purchasing the kinetic sculpture, the asking price would most likely be $20,000, he estimated. That's a lot more than the $5,000 he raised on Kickstarter.

"SoCal Connected" takes a closer look at the ingenuity and inspiration behind this "human-powered roving dinner table" that has made its rounds in Southern California.

Featuring Interviews With:

  • Daniel Busby, creator of A Moveable Feast


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