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Material America: Cluttered Homes

Material culture has become a staple for Americans so it's no surprise that an abundance of toys, DVDs, and piles of unfinished laundry on the floor are enough to create clutter in an average middle-class home.

In this 2013 "SoCal Connected" piece, host Val Zavala talks to experts and families to find out more about the most common material items found in homes.

On the forefront of research on modern-day homes is UCLA professor and ethnoarchaeologist Jeanne Arnold. She spent 10 years collaborating and researching her latest book, "Life at Home in the Twenty-First Century," which provides an in-depth look inside cluttered American homes.

As a result of the research, 32 Los Angeles-based families were invited to participate in the study. Part of the study also involved taking saliva samples from participants to determine the amount of cortisol levels -- an indicator of stress.

What type of items are responsible for the clutter in your home? Have you taken any steps to address the issue?

SoCal Connected on KCET

Reporter Val Zavala speaks with Social Media Editor Amy Lieu about the clutter that accumulates in the homes of Southern Californians.


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