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Colby Poster Printing Company

The family-owned Colby Poster Printing Company has printed vibrant, eye-popping show posters and billboards visible on L.A. street corners, crosswalks, and major venues since the 1940s.

It's now part of the historic makeup of Southern California's vibrant poster and letter printing scene.

Over the years, the printing magic was churned out of a building on Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles. Founder Herbert Colby's vision was to use bold lettering and a signature blend of fluorescent, rectangular colors to attract just about anyone's attention.

Colby specialized in letter press printing, inked impressions on paper, including individual phrases and bold illustrations for circus and concert-goers.

Take a look at the legacy Colby left behind, as well as some of the most iconic Colby prints that still exist today.


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