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House for Rent: $1

Would you rent out your house for just $1 each month for a year? Local samaritan Tony Tolbert decided to rent out a charming Spanish house in South Los Angeles for a family in need each year.

The home now belongs to renter Shante Roach, a single mother of four who used to pay nearly $1,100 a month for rent. Roach and her kids were evicted from their previous apartment after being unable to pay rent. They later moved to Alexandria House, a shelter for homeless women where she found out about Tolbert and his unique offer.

The shelter encouraged Roach to put her name on the list, so she did. To her surprise, she heard back from Tolbert, a 50-year-old man who had moved in with his mom to make room for a lucky renter who would pay only $1 for rent each month for a year.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Tolbert was honored by KCET's Local Heroes during Black History Month earlier this year. Host Val Zavala visited the home for a short Local Heroes profile on him and will expand for "SoCal Connected."


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